About Your Coach

Small Erin Web AboutMy name is Erin Aquin. I am a Master Certified and Deep Dive Coach, who has written 3 books and hosts the popular Love and Success Podcast.

But it took me a few tries to find my own True Love Business. 

In my early twenties I worked in the music industry in artist management and promotions. I lived on a tour bus for weeks at a time managing  tours for award winning musicians.

After life on the road, I shifted my focus and became a Yoga Teacher and Acupuncturist. I worked in the spiritual and wellness world for over 16 years before having a health crisis of my own that led me to take a step back and decide more consciously what I wanted my work and life to look like.

Coaching my clients quickly led me to create my own "true love business" through co-founding a company alongside my partner Steve Haase.

As a life-long spiritual student and Coach, I support my clients to realize the life the universe is dreaming for them.

Creating a thriving business and life isn't something that can be done separately in two parts. For your business to be sustainable and scalable, it must be created in harmony with the lifestyle you want.

Too many Coaches and entrepreneurs waste their precious time and energy worrying about their business and don't make sure it is built on the foundation of a life they enjoy.

If you are ready to create a life full of love, success and do it in a way that feels like magic, let's talk.

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