As a former Acupuncturist and Yoga teacher for almost 20 years, most people thought I had my life together.

But a few years ago, I realized just how deeply I was sabotaging myself.

I was an expert at ruining my relationships, shying away from professional opportunities and saying no to every dream I had.

After I got married and had my first child things got real.

I was determined to create a life worthy of my beautiful family. I wanted to look in the mirror and LOVE the person I saw.

And today I am proud to say I have created a life for myself and my family that I couldn't have dreamed possible all those years ago. 

If you want to do the same thing, then welcome, I am Erin Aquin, your Life Coach.

I will teach you everything you need to know to create a healthier relationship with your partner, your family and yourself.

It is truly a privilege for me to support you as you end the cycle of arguments and resentment and learn to love and enjoy your partner and your life again.

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What my clients say:

This course has helped me to realize how much time I spend projecting my expectations out onto others, and getting upset when they aren't met. It has helped me to shift the internal dialogue, and work towards spending energy on the things I WANT to spend it on. 

I would definitely recommend this program to people struggling. A lot of the advice read online or in books comes from a well meaning space, but it's all different ways of talking about how to get what you want. This course takes an approach that I find more realistic in that, adults will do what they want. So, learn what you're able to do with that. I like knowing that the outcome is within my own self talk. 

~Elianna B. 

My biggest relationship struggle was communication and falling into old patterns and ways of thinking. I had become too comfortable in my long-term relationship and felt like we weren’t challenging ourselves to grow and improve how we communicate, which prompted me to take the course to learn new things.

This course has really helped me clean up my thinking and be a lot more honest in my communication to show up in our relationship in a way that I am proud of. The thought work was really powerful and could be applied to all of my relationships – personal and professional. 

~Sasha S., Movement Instructor