6 Minutes of Yoga For Busy People {VIDEO}

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This article was orginally created Aug 6, 2015. It has since been updated.

Yoga is a beautiful practice and lifestyle. When you make time to get on your mat you probably notice that the pace and tone of your day change drastically.

I will be spending time next month leading yoga teachers on the first part of a year long journey on Yin Yang Yoga and the 5 Elements (If you are in the area get the info hereand part of our work will be in building a sustainable home practice.

Some days however, it isn't possible to take the time needed to do a lengthy yoga practice. In fact, it would be more stressful and taxing to get to a class if you find yourself with a pile of "to-do's" that just can't wait any longer.

In my own practice, I used to struggle with busy-ness plus an "all or nothing" mentality. If I couldn't do a full 2-hour practice due to lack of time or energy, I would just skip it. This led to extended periods of time when I desperately needed to practice but didn't.

Since then, my tune has changed drastically. Now that I have a little one crawling around my house and about five major projects on the go, I can appreciate that something is better than nothing.

On days I feel squeezed for time, I insist on doing a short practice if only to remind myself how much better I feel and function when I commit to unrolling my mat.

If you need that same little boost for yourself check out these two videos for inspiration as you build even 6 minutes of yoga into your busier days.

Yang Flow

If you have more time, try flowing through a few rounds until you feel warmed up.


Metal/ Lung Yin Pose

Melt into this one by ensuring you are not propped up too high on your blanket or bolster and then close your practice with a short savasana.


If you are ready for more ideas on how to enhance your home practice or you want to learn more about the theory and practice of Yin Yang Yoga, check out my brand new course with over 2 hours of video and content below.

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