A Gift Guide for the Hard to Buy For

Posted by Erin Aquin on Dec 13, 2016 12:39:17 PM

6510934443_8bd2942b79_z-263828-edited.jpgIf you are anything like me, right about now you are starting to enter holiday hyperdrive, especially what to get for the trickier people on your list.

In years past I have been on my game and shopped well ahead of time but a few days ago I realized that I have next to nothing done and very little time left.

Since you are reading this blog, I will assume you probably also have a few people in your life who are more difficult to find gifts for.

The hardest people are my list are actually the yogis. 

Don't get me wrong, I adore my yoga family, but what do you give the spiritual seeker who might not be as interested in the world of material trinkets that thrill others?

Here are some of my favourite gift ideas for the different yogis in your life. 


For the Sage:

Give them my new book, Elemental Yin Yoga: A Practice to Fuel Your Life. They can dive deeper into the theory of the practice and learn how to work with the Five Elements on and off the mat. You can purchase it on Amazon in paperback, Kindle or in the Aquin Yoga Store (add an audio class from my shop to give them a practice to work with as well).


For the Organic Beauty:

As mother, yoga teacher and writer, I rarely get time to pamper myself. However, I do make time for a good skin ritual at least a few times a week. There is nothing like soaking in candlelit bath with a mask of Sacred Earth Botanical Clay. 

For the organic beauty in your life, check out R Devine products. They are handcrafted with amazing ingredients and the creator Rachel is the real deal (a badass business woman, meditation instructor mother and superwoman). Check out the products I carry here.


For the Yogi (who needs a break):

Imagine an hour where you get to lie down in a big pool of Epsom salts, with no distracting sounds, lights or other people to pull your attention away. Float therapy can be a powerful and relaxing way to learn to meditate or practice an extended savasana. I float whenever I need a good dose of relaxation and solitude.

If you live in Hamilton, ON grab a gift certificate at Zee Float. For a more lavish experience, you can also book your favourite yogi in a for a massage before and after their float session.


For the Yogi (who needs a nudge):

During the winter it can be a challenge for many yogis to get to the mat. I have tried to make things a little bit easier for 2017 by creating a 30 Day Yoga challenge. This challenge is purely virtual. For 20 minutes each day your yogi can practice one of the over twenty yoga audios and videos I have created. The best part? It costs about a dollar a day!

A great gift for those of us who need a nudge. Click here for more info.


For the well-dressed Yogi:

If you want the perfect gift for the clothes lover in your life, order them something from Replicca Clothing Company. 

Not only are Rebecca's clothes beautiful and built to last, they are comfortable. Your lucky yogi will not only look amazing but they will feel as good as if they were still wearing yoga clothes.


For the Meditator:

My good friend meditation teacher and author Jeff Carreira has just released a new virtual course called Falling in Love with the Way Things Are. I have learned so much over the years knowing Jeff and love his approach to meditation. Yogis who want to explore a refreshing way to mediate will love this course.


For the Devotional Yogi

Some yogis just don't want gifts, but they might appreciate a donation in their name. If you are looking for a gift for someone who doesn't want any more "stuff" consider donating to a cause close to their heart.

My most recent donation went to the amazing work done by my friend Amy Edelstein and her team at Inner Strength Foundation. They work in highschools teaching mindfulness and perspectives in cultural development to students. If you don't already have an organization in mind, check them out.

Got more ideas? Please share them in the comments below.

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