A Holiday Gift Guide for Yogi's

Posted by Erin Aquin on Dec 14, 2017 11:39:12 AM



The holiday season is here and chances are right about now you are freaking out about what to give someone special in your life.

Personally, I love to give gifts but in recent years I have shifted my approach to both giving and receiving. With two little one's in our lives, Steve and I have become much more discerning about what we bring into our home, trying to avoid a wasteland of toys our kids never play with or impractical clothing they never wear. I talk about it a little bit in my podcast this week.

In our relationship too, we have new standard for exchanging presents.

For me the ideal gift is some combination of:

  • functional (aka. something that we needed or makes our lives easier)
  • beautiful (aka. art or something that looks nice in my home or on me)
  • experiential (concert tickets, spa treatments, a full night of sleep)

These things need not be expensive but certainly call for a bit more creativity. And when I speak to other yogi's I hear that many of them feel the same.

So here are a few ideas for the different yogi's in your life from my personal shopping list this year

The Exhausted Yogi: Extreme Self-Care (a 6 week online program)

I created this program because too many yogis and yoga teachers I know are amazing when it comes to looking after others but don't take their personal self-care seriously. Give this gift to someone you love who needs some nourishment for the soul.

The Yoga Philosopher : Paradigm Shifting by Jeff Carreira

Reading this book by my friend Jeff will unlock your mind from the unquestioned assumptions that cement us in an unchanging reality. Paradigm Shifting is a powerful guidebook for anyone who is ready to liberate their imagination from the constraints of our current philosophical paradigm.

The Yoga Mama (or Papa): R Devine Skincare

With two kids under three years old, I now understand how easy it is to neglect a good skin care routine. Give your friends with kids something to help them replenish their skin this winter with this beautiful line products (including my favourite clay mask of all time)

The Karma Yogi: Donate to A Cause They Love

Want to give a heartfelt gift to someone who truly wants and needs nothing? Make a donation to a cause they care about. We have donated to Malala Fund, Charity: Water, and Inner Strength Foundation.

The Little Yogi: Arts and Crafts or a Membership

Want to get something for the tiny yogi in your life? My advice is skip the toys and get them something every kid (and parent) wants this winter...fun stuff to do. Support your local children's museum with a family membership, give them swimming lessons or a snow day "Arts and Crafts" kit to keep busy hands and creative minds happy.

What brilliant gifts are you giving the yogi in your life? Share with us in the comments below (we won't tell...promise) 

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