Announcing: Being a Successful Yoga Teacher

Posted by Erin Aquin on Oct 15, 2014 11:06:35 AM

NYE_FireworksYoga teachers are being cheated. Not in terms of their training in the practice and instruction of yoga. No, there is no shortage of effective, even transformative, programs for becoming a teacher. I’m referring to the lack of training in the business and interpersonal skills required to build a sustainable lifestyle as a yoga teacher.

I’m shocked to see senior teachers settle for less money for a class because they’re too afraid to negotiate with a studio owner.

I’m saddened when I see a wide-eyed new teacher burn out after only a few years because her schedule was even crazier than before she “left the rat race” to follow her dreams. 

And I’m simply flabbergasted by teachers who expect classes and workshops to fill up magically on their own—as though marketing is an evil they left behind when they started teaching.

Today marks a new chapter for Aquin Yoga as we launch a special blog just for teachers. In the months that follow, we will explore the common issues and questions teachers have and start an ongoing conversation. The blog will be more than just my own thoughts and opinion, but will feature insights from guest bloggers and hopefully, all of you.

To kick things off, I want to share an excerpt from my upcoming book The A-Z of Being A Successful Yoga Teacher. 

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