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Posted by Steve Haase on Oct 9, 2015 9:54:52 AM

People today hunger for meaning. Your community longs for deeper peace and fulfillment.

Look around and you see the constant checking of statuses and endless scrolling, revealing a deeper malaise underneath.

Of course, this agitation is nothing new. It’s been with us as long as civilization and the mind has. But in these times it seems to have intensified, don’t you think?

That’s why meditation is so radical and why your ability to share the practice with others is so powerful. You can offer a gateway, a portal into another dimension. You can take people by the hand and lead them to a place where their problems are put into perspective and may even seem to float away for a moment.

When someone’s depths come to the foreground and their thoughts and worries recede, that’s magical. It might be the first time they feel deeply at home by themselves, silent, doing nothing; yet completely awake.

Imagine a community of practitioners, a place where stillness is shared. In our always-on-yet-disconnected nonstop world, how beautiful is it to offer an oasis of peace to others?

Or to yourself, for that matter?

It’s an experience we don’t partake in enough.

That’s why Erin and I are leading a 4-month teacher training for those who want to go deeper. It’s a chance to give yourself dedicated moments of stillness and simplicity, and to gain the confidence and inspiration to lead others in this ancient practice.

The benefits are extraordinary; all you have to do is choose to do it.

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