Hard Day

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Let's face it. Life is not always rainbows and butterflies.

Some days just seem to feel really hard. And if you are an entrepreneur who is trying to juggle growing your business and wearing all the hats in your personal life (partner, parent, chef, bff, amazing friend etc.) you KNOW that when 💩hits the fan in one area of your life, everything seems to get rocked by the ripple effect.

This post is for you to save and re-read on the hard days, when nothing seems to be working and you need a lighthouse to lead you out of the mist.

It's a real talk love letter directly from my Oracle to you. 

My friend,

You knew when you signed up for this, it wouldn't be all rainbows and butterflies, but even so, some days feel harder than others.

As an entrepreneur, you might feel like your heart is on the line with every potential sale or new client and it's nerve wracking.

Or maybe an important meeting flopped or "sure thing" turned into a ghosting situation.

You feel too exhausted to keep going yet heartbroken at the prospect of not seeing your people get the gifts you have to give. 

Its been a hard day (or week or month or quarter).

But you are still here.

Even though you might not notice it, you have been building resilient, gritty muscles through every upset and disappointment.

You are the one in a million who decided that seeing your dreams fulfilled and having an impact in the world was worth hopping on the emotional rollercoaster of starting a business and riding it over and over again as you figure out your way.

It's time to acknowledge that effort and that strength. This hard day has tested you once again and yet after a good cry and a long sleep, chances are you will be ready to try the next experiment on your list.

So take that moment to rest, to recharge, but most of all to acknowledge what a unique wonder you are by daring to do what few ever start.

I see you.
I have been where you are.
And the life waiting for you on the other side of these hard days is worth it. 

With love,

P.S. If you haven't already, give meditation a try on your hard days. Steve and I are offering a free 5-day Meditation Challenge to jumpstart your practice. It will build your resiliency and help you stay grounded for the roller coaster. Sign up here.