How to Make Decisions Based on Values

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I woke up today with a case of the shoulds.

The last few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster in my family and even though I am still feeling underpowered, I noticed a little nudge saying: "You have a lot to do, you should put in some time at work today."

The thing is, it's CEO Friday, a day normally reserved for deeper reflection and self-investing in my mind, body and spirit. And I felt the tug-of-war starting.

Most business owners can relate to this.

When life gets in the way of a beautifully calendared and compartmentalized week, it's easy to justify working on your days off or splitting your attention when you are meant to be present with something other than your business.

THIS is why we need to have a deep connection with our overall vision for our business and life, as well as values to check our actions against to see what is truly aligned. (And if you don't already do this, join the early interest list for The Vision + Process Mastermind to learn how here.)

Here are a few of my values and how I applied them to decide how to deal with my inner conflict:

Self-investment is non-negotiable

Well-being is a top priority in my world. And I truly believe, the time I spend self-investing is just as valuable as the time I spend working. It is important to my personal integrity as a Coach that if my ultimate vision is "To help people realize the life the Universe is dreaming for them" that I had better be making an effort to do that myself. That means, no bulldozing a day off just because I didn't put in as many hours this week.

Simply, no drama

I have intentionally created a business where nothing is an emergency. We try to make things as simple and clear as possible and don't create complexity just to appear clever or fancy. This one value informs how I market my business, how I teach and coach.

The beauty in this value is that the processes and systems for how we run the business are also simple and drama-free. There are no emergencies in my business that hinge on me working on a Friday.
And if I aim to live the value "simply, no drama" when I ask: "Should I work on CEO Friday?" The simple answer is, "No. That's not what today is for."
The final value I call upon in this situation addresses the bottom line:

Our revenue reflects our impact

Every client who hires us has the expectation that we will help them make the changes they want in their life. It is a huge honor, and one we don't take lightly. So while I could have a simple, drama-free operation and take impeccable care of myself, that's not a business.

At the end of the day, if we aren't making money, it means we aren't living our vision. No money = no business. So my final value check was to take a look at the metrics for the quarter so far.
Are we on track or ahead with our goals? 
Are we delivering on our promises to our clients?
Do we have the dollars in the bank as tangible proof that this business is thriving and has what it needs to grow?

Honestly, if my answer weren't an enthusiastic yes to all of the above, you can be sure I would put in some time at the desk to get us on track.

This is how I make value-based decisions, even on a small decision like how I will use my day today.
Here's what to do next if you want to start making value-based decisions to align your work with your vision:
If you don't have any values for your company written down, do that first. It doesn't have to be fancy, just think about the 3-5 values you hold most dear, the things that make your business a special place to work (yes, even if it's just you).
Now that you have them written down, think of a decision on your plate—big or small—and ask how you can use this decision to better align your company with what you value most.
This is not a pointless leadership exercise. This is literally how you make your company or team a unique and special place to work. Without deliberately aligning your choices with your values your business will most likely reflect the status quo. And that's not always pretty.
So take the time to start making value-based decisions. No matter how big or small they may be, they will change change your company and your life.


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