How to Make a Difference: A Poem

Posted by Steve Haase on Aug 13, 2013 6:00:00 AM

Camel Pose 1This Photo by Me & Her Photography

This poem was originally written and published by Steve Haase in Aug 2013. To celebrate his birthday we wanted to share this powerful message with you once again and thank you for being part of the Aquin Yoga tribe.

The universe did not second guess you, my friend.
For billions of years life has labored for you.
Now you're here. Alive. How amazing is this?
You are life itself—evolution in motion.
Your human ability to think and to wonder
To plan, and to dream… all are miracles themselves.
Creation, it wants to move forward, right now
And you are the best circumstances it has.

When you hold your thoughts back, feeling not good enough,
You deprive all of us of your greatness.
When you hesitate to act out of fear of failure,
You deny your own divinity.

You are more than just you (though that's what you are, too),
You are dust become mobile, consciousness with will,
You have freedom of choice.
There is nothing impossible when you simply start.

So don't hesitate, question, or doubt your own skills.
Just set pen to paper, or instrument to lips,
Put your hand on the wheel, and start changing the world!

And you'll notice the times that you truly feel free
Are the moments you go beyond familiar and "safe."
Just peek past the boundary set up in your mind.
Have at that blank page and create with your being.
Give it everything, hold nothing back.
Tap into a vein, and smile as you see
That we all have that vein, you just opened yours first.

The trick of being human is to be the first one.
To risk being silly, and to fall on your face.
But if you get up, and keep stepping forward,
The future will open, it's yours to create!

And why not? Who's to say that you're not good enough?
Even if you're just starting, keep taking those steps.
Move forward, move forward, move forward again.
And when you slow down, just reach out and offer
Your hand of goodwill to those you can help,
And help them be more, do more, and thrive.

The shortcut to happiness is to make others smile.
Like a boomerang of love, it comes right back at you.

So smile (right now, just do it) and see,
That the secret to happiness is already in you.

Just be still, listen closely, and let it arise,
The freedom that bubbles up from deep inside.

Life is all in, and you can be too.
Know you're a light, be on fire, and blaze.
The world is in need of your vision of more:
More kindness, creativity, courage, and love.
So step out and be the one who sets a new path.
Make a dent in the universe, prove what can be.

The power is in you, it's in all of us.
If you believe it and do it, you've already won.

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