Stop Feeling Shame About Your Relationship

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morning-love-greeting_925xRelationships often start as one thing and transform into something else entirely.

For some couples, their bond strengthens and grows with time. But for others the bond becomes thin and they grow apart.

Many of my clients come to me and tell me the main problem in their life is "stress and overwhelm" and as we dig a little deeper through the challenges of navigating things like their career or parenthood many of them tell me that their marriage is struggling too.

Often this is a "hidden" source of pain because many people don't like to discuss their relationship issues with friends and family. Scroll through the newsfeed of any social media platform and it is easy to feel inadequate when it comes to your relationship if everyone you know is posting love notes about their perfect spouse and how #blessed they are.

So my clients come to me and open up to the issues they have with their partner and all the things they wish were different but have no idea how to fix.

The first concept I teach them is this one.

This is were you are empowered.

And you don't need to drag your unwilling husband or wife to therapy, a couples retreat or to a coaching session.

Listen to Episode 30 and 31 of the podcast and consider trying this tool in your relationship.