The Relationship You Want Is Waiting

Posted by Erin Aquin on Feb 10, 2019 8:08:29 PM

It's been an uphill climb.

still-lake-with-divingboard_4460x4460You have read all the self-help books, figured out each other's "Love Language", tried the practice of "Radical Honesty", did a relationship course, had a few sessions with a marriage counsellor, you shared your needs, listened to theirs promised over and over again to "do better".

And yet, the fighting persisted, normal discussions turned to hurt feelings and days of not talking.

After a brief periods of peace, the sweetness always gives way. And the feelings of resentment, irritation and disconnection bubble up. 

It feels like you have been climbing a ladder. 

Each effortful rung is just one more thing that doesn't work and is taking you further and further from the place of love and connection you once felt for your spouse.

And suddenly you are standing on a platform of a diving board.

This is where you meet me.

Below us is a pool. 

It is a filled with a love and connection much deeper than you have ever felt. Everything you have been searching for is right there waiting for you in that pool.

You feel a magnetic pull towards it, a sense of knowing that your suffering could be transformed into something empowering that you can't quite articulate at this moment. But as you stand looking over the edge, entranced by the future before you, you hesitate.

You know that in order to reach that pool, you have to jump. You have to be willing to give up all the effort that it took to climb to this plateau. 

You have to be willing to let go of the ideas that created the life you have now in order to dive into the love you are seeking.

I can coach you on how to do it. 

I can hold your hand and reassure you. 

I can stand up for you and the potential you hold when you can't find a reason to stand for yourself.

I can count to three and cheer you on.

But I can't push you off the diving board.

You are the only one who can decide that love and a life of purpose is more important than your fear and doubt.

If you are ready to dive in and see what you can create with this beautiful life of yours, set up a time to talk with me more here.

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