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Yoga Anywhere: Southern California {plus Beach Yoga Video}

I love to travel. In my early twenties I spent time tour managing a band and had the opportunity to work all over North America and get a taste of many incredible places. Those of you that have caught the travel bug know that exiting the comfort zone of your daily routine and entering an unfamiliar place with a different culture can be a spiritual experience.  Now that I am a freelance teacher, I have the privilege and flexibility to travel to teach or accompany my husband when he has a speaking engagement. On our trip last month, it struck me several times how much traveling is can be a way to practice yoga in the larger sense. You see, “yoga” isn’t merely a practice that happens on the mat. In fact, asana (the physical practice) is only a small portion of what it means to be a yogi.
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6 Minutes of Yoga For Busy People {VIDEO}

This article was orginally created Aug 6, 2015. It has since been updated. Yoga is a beautiful practice and lifestyle. When you make time to get on your mat you probably notice that the pace and tone of your day change drastically. I will be spending time next month leading yoga teachers on the first part of a year long journey on Yin Yang Yoga and the 5 Elements (If you are in the area get the info here) and part of our work will be in building a sustainable home practice. Some days however, it isn't possible to take the time needed to do a lengthy yoga practice. In fact, it would be more stressful and taxing to get to a class if you find yourself with a pile of "to-do's" that just can't wait any longer. In my own practice, I used to struggle with busy-ness plus an "all or nothing" mentality. If I couldn't do a full 2-hour practice due to lack of time or energy, I would just skip it. This led to extended periods of time when I desperately needed to practice but didn't. Since then, my tune has changed drastically. Now that I have a little one crawling around my house and about five major projects on the go, I can appreciate that something is better than nothing. On days I feel squeezed for time, I insist on doing a short practice if only to remind myself how much better I feel and function when I commit to unrolling my mat. If you need that same little boost for yourself check out these two videos for inspiration as you build even 6 minutes of yoga into your busier days.
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Yoga Videos For Real Life

I began doing Yoga every morning with a video. The background to this video was a beautiful beach and the teacher spoke in a very soothing, soft voice (the softer the voice the more spiritual people are...right?). This was my first introduction to the practice of Yoga, long before the days of seeing a studio or two within every city block. Just me and a teacher on a screen. Today, I'm excited to launch the Aquin Yoga video library. While I may not have the beach as my background yet, what I do have is a way to bring you some powerful yoga in bite-sized pieces that, with your inquiries and interest, we will build upon in the coming weeks.
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