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Introducing the Elemental Yin Yang Podcast

I love teaching yoga and I love the Hamilton yoga community so much that I drive an hour each way a few times per week to get to my classes. While in the past I listen to loud tunes in the car while driving to classes, now my solo time in the car is often the only "alone time" I get in the week. While I am very late to the party on this new favourite thing to listen to in the car is podcasts. I love hearing new ideas and perspectives from different people and it sounds like so much fun I started my own. It will be out on iTunes in a few days, but I couldn't wait to share it with you.
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A Sneak Peek at the Elemental Yin Yang Yoga Book

In less than one month, my new book will be released.
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Elemental Yin Yang Yoga: Preparing for Autumn

This past weekend, I taught a class focused on the theme of Autumn and Letting Go. At the end of Savasana, I shared a short snippet from my upcoming book, Elemental Yin Yang Yoga: A Practice to Fuel Your Life. Today I want to share that short contemplation with you as we start to transition into Fall.  Metal and the Autumn of the Year  Fall is the time of the final harvest when the last crops that began to grow in the spring and flourish throughout the summer are finally collected. Now well past the Summer Solstice, fall is more Yin in nature acting as a buffer between the hot months and the winter. Autumn offers us time to prepare our resources and begin to conserve energy to survive the cold dark days before us.
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Welcoming Summer - Reflections on the Fire Element

In preparation for my upcoming "Igniting the Heart" workshop at The Village Yogi in Fonthill on June 25 and in honour of the Summer Solstice I wanted to share the opening reflections on the Fire Element from my upcoming book on Yin Yang Yoga. What follows is an intimate memory from earlier this year that contains many of the Fire themes, devotional and mature love, warmth, connection and the beauty of summer. I hope this helps you get more connected to this energy and inspires you to enjoy all this season has to offer.
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