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Self-Investment Sunday

As a former workaholic and professional dancer-with-burn-out, one of the pillars of my work with clients is helping them build a more sustainable schedule. If you are an entrepreneur, you need time to work, but probably not as much as you currently spend. For the past month, I have been experimenting with a 25 hour work week and I am loving the effects on my business and my life. It feels more in alignment to only spend time on what is essential and beneficial for my clients and use the other hours of the day enjoying the life I have worked so hard to build. You might not be ready to cut down your hours at the desk just yet, but if you are overworking this one is for you. I want to offer you the same first step I took to reprioritize my entire life, personally and professionally. It called Self-Investment Sunday (but any day that works for you, will work for this) One day each week, our family goes almost completely screen free and usually the day before we get whatever we need to make that time restful and fun.
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The 25 Hour Experiment

As we come to the end of my second 25 hour work week, I want to give you an honest update. Between the launch of our new Love + Success Formula program and the three day summit we just had (btw, if you missed it get the replays and watch them before they disappear next week) limiting my schedule to just 25 hours was a big challenge. I did it, but just barely. There were times I had to lock my computer in another room to stop myself from finishing "one more thing". I let my phone run out of batteries twice and didn't recharge it until the next day just so I couldn't hop on my email or check the calendar.
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How to Work Less Without Sacrificing Success

On Monday I had a moment that stopped me in my tracks. I was hanging out with my kids and realized that in 4 months I will be sending them both to school. We have been under lockdown full time since February 2020 and while it's been a rollercoaster, the bond of our little family is strong and beautiful. So the realization that soon they would be off on their next adventure gave me pause. Even though I consider myself to have a much more harmonious schedule than the average entrepreneur, I still work more than I want to on things in my business that I am not entirely sure are essential. Don't get me wrong, I have developed some serious entrepreneurial superpowers (and I will teach you all of them inside the Love + Success Group Coaching Program) For instance I know how to:
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The Easiest Way to Stop Burnout

One day every week, I take a CEO day. It's a day without meetings or client work where my calendar is wide open to think about the big vision for my business and how to make even more impact for the people we serve. It's also the day I do some luxurious self-investing. I do my own coaching, deepen my study and mastery of the art of coaching, take a long walk or do a workout, a sauna and go for a massage.
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Why You Don't Self-Invest (And How to Change that)

Self-care or what I like to call self-investing, is one of those things we all know we should be doing and yet most of us don’t.  The main reason I hear from my clients is that there is always a list of things to be done and people who want their time and attention. So the thought of carving out even an hour a week for most people leads them to feel guilty (especially the entrepreneurs).
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How a coach helps you achieve the impossible

Last month I did something I never dreamed I'd be able to do. I cycled up Haleakala, a 10,000 foot volcano in Maui. I got the idea to do it in September, 2019 and started training, mostly indoors, so that I'd be in shape for the ride in early March, 2020.  As the date approached, the voice in my head that loved reciting all the reasons I couldn't do it or shouldn't do it became stronger and more persistent. But I had received coaching on this, and decided to hang my hat on the thought, "I am going to do this ride."
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