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Four Sources of Confidence

How would your life change if you had more confidence? Would you be more relaxed, more effective, happier? What does it even mean to have confidence; and once you have it, how can you increase it? We've been discussing this topic in the Project One community and it's stirred up some important points I want to share. While there are many perspectives on the topic, this post focuses on four different sources of confidence, and the accompanying experiences of what confidence feels like. Confidence in Your Abilities At the most basic level, one must be confident with what one can do. As a musician, it took me over ten years of consistent practice and effort before I felt truly confident when performing. And even then, higher-profile situations or more challenging pieces of music would put my confidence to the test. I didn't always win, but at a certain point I stopped doubting whether I was "good enough" and just enjoyed the process of making music. Confidence in your abilities is largely a process of time spent honing your craft, combined with feedback from the world around you. If enough people, especially people you don't know, comment on how much they appreciate your ability to (fill in the blank), chances are you're actually good at that thing. It's funny just how often we are our own harshest critic, and how building confidence is simply a matter of putting more trust into those around you than into the negative voice within.
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Meditation: Freedom vs. Indifference

While I am far from a meditation expert, in leading workshops for the past few years, I have had the opportunity to explore questions and insights that come up in people. Recently, a question was sent my way about meditation and indifference. In the form of meditation I practice there are just three simple instructions to follow (you can experience them for yourself in this audio). Mark: “My fear is that if I constantly have a meditation practice where I’m trying to be indifferent of the things that float by, it will transfer into my everyday life and I will be more and more indifferent to events in my life. I think that I feel emotions rather strongly and that it has made me the person I am today and if I practice being indifferent to it all, I will become indifferent to peoples pain and joys. I’m not sure how to deal with this fear and was hoping you could shed some light on a different perspective. I loved the meditation but I’m struggling not looking at things with heart.” First, of all the concerns to have in the world this is one that is especially important. To not want to be indifferent to the people and space around you is a good thing! It is also important to remember that what we are doing in meditation is taking a brief reprieve from the world. When you are engaged in daily life, of course you want to be connected and available to move through it with your eyes open. I would argue that in fact is the core reason to meditate. Meditation helps you to be more available for life.
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