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The Problem with Men and Feelings

As a man, have you considered how many of your feelings you were taught not to feel—especially those that could cause you to do "unmanly" things, like cry? If you sometimes struggle with your relationship, this lesson repeated all around us could be the reason. First of all, what does "unmanly" mean? It includes feeling: Weak Sensitive Receptive Unsure Upset Vulnerable Basically it's anything other than the generally accepted norms of manliness, which mean feeling: Angry Determined Strong Confident Successful What this means is that if you're a man and you're feeling anything on the first list, you will want to avoid it, repress it, or hide it from the world. This is because most men were taught that you're not "supposed" to be feeling it. So it won't even register. And you'll miss the tender, vulnerable moments because those feelings are not welcome for you. What Changes Everything
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Relationship Coaching for men

Guys, consider this: As men we tend to either see ourselves as indestructible perfect superheroes, or as total failures. Even crazier, we can switch between the two perspectives within hours, or even minutes of each other. Think about a time when you felt like everything was just right with the world. You're rocking at work, feeling great about your hair. Then your partner points out a way in which you totally blew it. Maybe it was with the kids, or forgetting something you said you would do. Your heart sinks. You whip yourself inside for being so stupid. "Why even try?" you think. But then, an hour later, you've forgotten about the screw up and are back to being master of your domain, hoping to avoid stepping in something again. That's just what it feels like to be a man, right? Not necessarily.
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