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The 3 Keys to Finding and Keeping Your Ideal Students

Today's post is part of the #yogateachertour and while it is meant for Yoga teachers, the 3 keys can be adapted for any client-based professional.   I get asked about how to build a sustainable lifestyle teaching yoga a LOT. For over 10 years, the core of my teaching business has been small group or one-on-one private classes. For many teachers, finding private classes remains a mystery, and yet it is one of the only ways to make teaching yoga a sustainable career choice. It is my strongly held belief that if you are teaching more than 15 classes a week you are walking a fine line that looks like spreading yourself too thin and future burn out.  That is why I want to help you build up this side of your business. We will get started with The 3 Keys to Finding and Keeping Your Ideal Students.   Clarity The first key to finding and keeping your ideal students is to know who they are. We will be diving deep into this in the next Yoga Teacher Survival Course because it is shocking how many teachers have a hard time with getting clear on who they want to help and how. Do you know who your Ideal Clients are? Ask yourself: What do I enjoy teaching most? (Flow, Yin, Restorative, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga Therapy) What types of people are attracted to this form of yoga?
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2 Common Stumbling Blocks for Yoga Teachers

About a month ago I asked some of my fellow yoga teachers to take a survey about the state of our business. In preparation for the upcoming Yoga Teacher Survival Course, I wanted to know what my colleagues were struggling with the most so I could address it in my program. Today I want to share two of the main stumbling blocks that I have been discussing with fellow teachers since. 1) Self-Promotion Almost across the board (even with teachers who have been teaching for many years), instructors are totally in the dark about how to promote themselves.
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