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How to Get More Done In Less Time

A few months ago I completed an incredible training to up-level the work I am able to do with my clients and students. Teaching yoga has been a powerful tool, but for many people it opens the door to a physical and spiritual awakening that we may not have the support to investigate further. For many people yoga is a way to "tune in" to what they are thinking and feeling and meet a whole different part of themselves. Not bad for just unrolling your mat right?! I wanted to be able to meet more of my students in that space through my work as a Life Coach because self-inquiry is another transformational branch on the tree of Yoga. And since opening up more space in my day to work with people I have noticed that many of my clients are saying the same things. The new mother who doesn't want to put her health, happiness and big goals on the back-burner for the next 20 years while she raises her kids. The entrepreneur who is juggling the pursuit of her passion, her relationship and trying to maintain an intensive spiritual/ yoga practice. The manager who can't seem to figure out how to close his computer and leave his work at work. Their lives look different, but they all tell me the same thing. "There just isn't enough time in the day." With a business of my own, two kids under three, a partner I love spending time with and a daily spiritual practice you might imagine I would be nodding along in agreement with my clients. But I am not, because an unexpected thing happened when I had kids.
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A Holiday Gift Guide for Yogi's

  The holiday season is here and chances are right about now you are freaking out about what to give someone special in your life. Personally, I love to give gifts but in recent years I have shifted my approach to both giving and receiving. With two little one's in our lives, Steve and I have become much more discerning about what we bring into our home, trying to avoid a wasteland of toys our kids never play with or impractical clothing they never wear. I talk about it a little bit in my podcast this week. In our relationship too, we have new standard for exchanging presents. For me the ideal gift is some combination of: functional (aka. something that we needed or makes our lives easier) beautiful (aka. art or something that looks nice in my home or on me) experiential (concert tickets, spa treatments, a full night of sleep) These things need not be expensive but certainly call for a bit more creativity. And when I speak to other yogi's I hear that many of them feel the same. So here are a few ideas for the different yogi's in your life from my personal shopping list this year
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Living The Yoga Lifestyle: Skin Care Rituals and Tips

I don't need to tell anyone who is part of the Aquin Yoga tribe that the work you do on the mat is only a small part of what yoga is. In fact, a huge part of why AY exists is to help you integrate more yogic goodness into every aspect of your life. The newest offerings I have to share with you are no different. When I got pregnant, I began a process that many people go through before they enter parenthood. I found myself re-evaluating different aspects of my life. Everything from my close relationships to the food I ate (or couldn't eat because I felt so sick) landed under the microscope. In some ways the challenges of being pregnant made other areas of life simple. Everything supportive or nourishing could stay, everything draining and unnecessarily challenging had to go. While I definitely didn't follow many of the conventional (and in many cases outdated) rules imposed upon Western pregnant women, there were some things I did feel strongly compelled to change. One of the more practical things was taking time to pay attention and care for my body. It may sound strange coming from a yogi since physical asana helps one connect so deeply with the body, but there is a new level of awareness open to you once a tiny person takes up residence and begins tap dancing around in there. Suddenly, I became hyper aware of every tiny tingle as my internal pal began to using up my nutrients and dramatically changing everything about me inside and out.  One of the most practical ways I started to care for myself more deeply during this time was to make the switch to more natural body care products. My skin was not getting along with the chemical ridden products I had been using, so I went on the hunt to swap out as much as possible for high quality natural products. In the process, I found a line of skincare I love so much, I decided to make some of my favourite products available to all of you in the store.
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6 Minutes of Yoga For Busy People {VIDEO}

This article was orginally created Aug 6, 2015. It has since been updated. Yoga is a beautiful practice and lifestyle. When you make time to get on your mat you probably notice that the pace and tone of your day change drastically. I will be spending time next month leading yoga teachers on the first part of a year long journey on Yin Yang Yoga and the 5 Elements (If you are in the area get the info here) and part of our work will be in building a sustainable home practice. Some days however, it isn't possible to take the time needed to do a lengthy yoga practice. In fact, it would be more stressful and taxing to get to a class if you find yourself with a pile of "to-do's" that just can't wait any longer. In my own practice, I used to struggle with busy-ness plus an "all or nothing" mentality. If I couldn't do a full 2-hour practice due to lack of time or energy, I would just skip it. This led to extended periods of time when I desperately needed to practice but didn't. Since then, my tune has changed drastically. Now that I have a little one crawling around my house and about five major projects on the go, I can appreciate that something is better than nothing. On days I feel squeezed for time, I insist on doing a short practice if only to remind myself how much better I feel and function when I commit to unrolling my mat. If you need that same little boost for yourself check out these two videos for inspiration as you build even 6 minutes of yoga into your busier days.
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