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Elemental Yin Yang Yoga - Fire on the Mat

Working with Fire energy this summer on and off my mat has produced big results. The one I am most excited about is that after working consistently on my book, a major section of it is complete. Today I want to share a small excerpt from the Fire chapter and specifically how this element can be used on the yoga mat.  Fire on the Yoga Mat  For the Elemental Yin Yang yogi, Fire practice is one of connection.Yoga after all means to “yoke” and recognizing your union with the entire universe you are part of is one simple yet profound spiritual mystery. On the mat, asana practice is the opportunity to remember that you are connected to the universe and other people both basic and profound ways. In my Fire themed Yoga classes, for the last Yang posture (usually the most vigorous or challenging of the practice) I ask students to get into groups. In those groups the student must rely on their partners for support in the posture of the day. At first it may be awkward.
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The One and Only Reason I Still Meditate {Podcast}

Most of you know me as a yoga teacher. Whether you have taken my classes and workshops in-person, downloaded one of my audio sessions or practiced yoga with me via our Youtube channel you may not know that meditation has been a part of my daily routine for years. While I wish I could say that meditation is a practice I adore, frankly, it is more like something I endure. I have gone through periods of time where I needed to battle myself just to sit still for a few moments and commit to meditation. There are of course times when I love the practice, but it wouldn't make the cut in a personal rendition of "My Favourite Things". So, why on earth would I continue to do it after all these years? This was part of the discussion I had with Morgan Dix on The OneMind Podcast. If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to Morgan's show yet, you are missing out! He has one of the best podcasts around and his popularity in iTunes is soaring! Besides that, Morgan is a wonderful person with a lot of insight and experience in meditation, so it was a huge honour to be invited on to his show.
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Thinking of Becoming a Yoga Teacher? Know These 4 Things First

Do you eat, sleep and breathe yoga? If so, chances are you have contemplated going deeper and taking a teacher training course. After more than a decade as an instructor, I have acted as a mentor to many students who decided to take their yoga education along this route. My friends in at Hot 8 Yoga asked me to offer some advice to their YTT hopefuls before committing to a specific program. Check out my guest post on the four essential things you need to know before committing to any yoga teacher training.
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