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Yoga Anywhere: Southern California {plus Beach Yoga Video}

I love to travel. In my early twenties I spent time tour managing a band and had the opportunity to work all over North America and get a taste of many incredible places. Those of you that have caught the travel bug know that exiting the comfort zone of your daily routine and entering an unfamiliar place with a different culture can be a spiritual experience.  Now that I am a freelance teacher, I have the privilege and flexibility to travel to teach or accompany my husband when he has a speaking engagement. On our trip last month, it struck me several times how much traveling is can be a way to practice yoga in the larger sense. You see, “yoga” isn’t merely a practice that happens on the mat. In fact, asana (the physical practice) is only a small portion of what it means to be a yogi.
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Summer Yoga Playlist: Songs and Ideas to Motivate Your Home Practice

Being 32 weeks pregnant in the middle of summer sure is an interesting experience. With little feet kicking me in the ribs most of the day and night, the inspiration to get on my mat and practice is a heck of a lot harder to muster.  The main tools I have been using to help work through the inertia of are: 1. Yin Yang Yoga: Build Your Home Practice course The tools and tips I share in this course are one's I use daily to cultivate the discipline it takes to maintain a personal practice. I love the structure of the practice module because it makes it easy to modify time on the mat to suit my fluctuating energy. (If you want an audio class, check out what we have in the Aquin Yoga Store) 2. Sharing the practice The most effective way to get me on my mat is to do yoga with a buddy. Luckily my husband is always game to practice with me. If you don't have a Yoga buddy, I highly recommend one. There is nothing more powerful than relationships that share a practice of yoga, meditation or any other healthy activity together.
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6 Minutes of Yoga For Busy People {VIDEO}

This article was orginally created Aug 6, 2015. It has since been updated. Yoga is a beautiful practice and lifestyle. When you make time to get on your mat you probably notice that the pace and tone of your day change drastically. I will be spending time next month leading yoga teachers on the first part of a year long journey on Yin Yang Yoga and the 5 Elements (If you are in the area get the info here) and part of our work will be in building a sustainable home practice. Some days however, it isn't possible to take the time needed to do a lengthy yoga practice. In fact, it would be more stressful and taxing to get to a class if you find yourself with a pile of "to-do's" that just can't wait any longer. In my own practice, I used to struggle with busy-ness plus an "all or nothing" mentality. If I couldn't do a full 2-hour practice due to lack of time or energy, I would just skip it. This led to extended periods of time when I desperately needed to practice but didn't. Since then, my tune has changed drastically. Now that I have a little one crawling around my house and about five major projects on the go, I can appreciate that something is better than nothing. On days I feel squeezed for time, I insist on doing a short practice if only to remind myself how much better I feel and function when I commit to unrolling my mat. If you need that same little boost for yourself check out these two videos for inspiration as you build even 6 minutes of yoga into your busier days.
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How the Union of Yoga and Meditation Opens the Heart of Practice {Guest Blog}

In just one week Jeff Carreira, a man who has taught meditation to thousands of people, will join me and a group of practitioners for a day-long Urban Retreat in Waterdown, Ontario. This is the last small event he is doing before his sold out 5 day retreat this summer where people from all over the world will traveling to spend time on a retreat like no other (I will be there too, leading daily yoga classes). 
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The One and Only Reason I Still Meditate {Podcast}

Most of you know me as a yoga teacher. Whether you have taken my classes and workshops in-person, downloaded one of my audio sessions or practiced yoga with me via our Youtube channel you may not know that meditation has been a part of my daily routine for years. While I wish I could say that meditation is a practice I adore, frankly, it is more like something I endure. I have gone through periods of time where I needed to battle myself just to sit still for a few moments and commit to meditation. There are of course times when I love the practice, but it wouldn't make the cut in a personal rendition of "My Favourite Things". So, why on earth would I continue to do it after all these years? This was part of the discussion I had with Morgan Dix on The OneMind Podcast. If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to Morgan's show yet, you are missing out! He has one of the best podcasts around and his popularity in iTunes is soaring! Besides that, Morgan is a wonderful person with a lot of insight and experience in meditation, so it was a huge honour to be invited on to his show.
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Four Ways to Banish Burnout

Today on the #virtualbooktour I went to hang out with my Canadian friends at Terrafrog. In the post, I share four very important tips on avoiding burn out (including one that may surprise you).
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Three Things You Need To Succeed (hint: it's not a resolution)

It's been awhile my friends, but Happy New Year! While much of the yoga world has been busy over the holiday season gearing up for the January rush, I took a different approach than usual.  It began with a restful Winter Solstice trip to the island of Nantucket (where I took the pictures in this post). This beautiful place off the coast of Cape Cod is a busy tourist destination in the summer. In the colder months it transforms into a quiet and perfect environment to get away and spend time reading, meditating and enjoying the local food, music and warm company. At night Steve and our friend Matthew built a fire for us to sit around and talk about our plans and dreams for the year ahead. We also spent time considering what might be holding us back and what we each wanted to let go of to start the new year.  No resolutions were named (those usually don't work anyway), just simple ideas for what we wanted to see happen in our lives and the space needed to create it.  And what came of the adventure is that I realized my focus for 2015 is you and your success.
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Yoga and the Wildest Journey (Pic)

Photo by Me & Her Photography
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