Welcome Winter With this Yin Yang Playlist

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4421442720_73f8119f17_m.jpgOn Sunday December 11 I am teaching an afternoon workshop at De La Sol Yoga in Hamilton, ON 

In order to get ready I have been working with the themes of the Water element, that which rules the coming winter season. If you missed it, I have been sharing some of the Water themes over on my podcast and on Sunday we are going to look at ways to not only practice yoga in a way that is nourishing over the coming cold months, but how to work with the natural energy of season instead of getting overwhelmed and burned out.

If you are in the area you can join me by registering here. If not, you can still enjoy some of the tunes from my winter playlist.

Welcome Winter Playlist

Oceans - Flores

Waves - Luna Shadows

Vaka - Sigor Ros

Tides - Fether

Minorfear - Picturesque

Goldmund - A Word I Give

What are you listening to right now? Share your tunes in the comments below.