What I Learned About Tinder

Posted by Erin Aquin on Apr 26, 2019 5:35:33 PM
romantic-couples-feet Earlier this week I standing outside of an art gallery one night with my family and, we got chatting with two people who were out doing a photoshoot.
Being friendly (nosey), I asked what it was for. The photographer friend said
"His Tinder profile. He needs some new pictures".
I have never been on Tinder so they explained further.
Apparently there are a lot of "post-gym bathroom-selfies" on Tinder (I was not shocked to hear this) and they wanted to do something different from the norm.
So the two friends had been out all afternoon taking pictures beside landmarks in the city. 
I loved this so much especially as a Relationship Coach.
The subject of the photos was willing to devote the better part of a beautiful day to this project and even brave enough to tell strangers about it.
I know that some people are going to see his picture on Tinder and think things like:
"It is too much."
"He's trying to hard."
"He must be looking for something serious if he is going to this much trouble (and that's not for me)."
But there will be others who will stop, see his picture and think:
"This guy is different."
"This guy isn't afraid of putting in time and effort."
"Maybe he is looking for something serious if he is going to this much trouble (and that's exactly what I am looking for)."
It may be a small thing, but it was touching to me to see someone invest time and energy into a relationship even before the other person arrived on the scene.
Whether you are single and dating or have been in a relationship for a long time ask yourself, would you devote as much time as my Ottawa friends to creating more love in your life?
If the answer is yes, but you aren't sure how to get yourself there, start by requesting a 45 minute consultation with me here. We will find out what your next step is.

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