Why We Need Screen-Free Days

Posted by Steve Haase on Apr 23, 2021 11:59:30 AM
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As entrepreneurs, we're always chasing our dreams.
Often that looks like staring into a screen all day.
And night.
Being "on" even when the kids are asking us to be "off".
Sitting down even when our bodies are asking us to move.

So to make sure we're creating the LIFE of our dreams, and not just focused on our business, Erin and I take an entire day to unplug each week.

No screens for 24 hours. Not for us, not for the kids. (With an exception for workout apps or starting up some music for a dance party).

Instead we go for walks.
We make music.
We play games.
We read books.
We make art.
We sleep in.
We meditate.

We let boredom be an on-ramp to creativity and connection.

We keep our focus on the people and places in front of our faces, knowing that the virtual world will be there for us tomorrow.

And that reconnects us with the things that matter.

Because it's no fun to build a business if you're always depleting your energy to do it.

By committing to a full day without screens we make sure we're being as conscious as possible about how we're spending our energy and where we're putting our attention.

The fact is, attention is the most important resource you have. So being intentional about our attention is how we make sure we're staying on track with our lives.

It's so easy to live in an "in-between" grey area where things aren't bad or good. It's the state you might notice you get into while browsing, scrolling, or consuming online.

By taking a full day NOT to do those things, it allows our bodies and minds to reset, slow down, and tune into the ups and downs of our feelings.

And feeling our feelings is a core value of our family.

That means that our screen free days help us stay true to what we value most.
Tomorrow we'll share how we prepare for our screen-free days to make them a success, and how you can too.

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