Yoga in Perfect Vermont

Posted by Erin Aquin on Apr 23, 2014 10:00:00 AM

b4e902ab-209e-4fdf-996c-ce9e0b9d01d5What do death races, weddings, and yoga retreats have in common?

They all happen here in Pittsfield, VT where Steve and I had the pleasure of spending two days with incredible people in an impeccable setting.

When you look for a venue to hold or attend a retreat, you’re always taking a bit of a risk. Websites can be deceiving, and if you’ve never been to the area you may not know what to expect. In the end, often what makes the difference between a successful event and a stressful one is the staff that’s running the operation. The more they take care of the details and go above and beyond, the easier it is for you to lead the retreat, or simply enjoy the experience yourself.

Well, never had we seen such a crew that was in the habit of going the extra mile as we did the last weekend of March, during our stay at the Perfect Vermont retreat center. We were honored to be among the yoga and fitness bloggers invited for a special weekend getaway and were excited to spend two days in this idyllic setting.


The loft rooms above the barn. Perfect retreat quarters; clean, focused, elegant.



The barn where the magic happens. Can't you just see yourself doing yoga in here?
Look at all that space and sunlight!



The Sweet Georgia P's farm, seen from the front porch of Amee lodge.



The table is set!



The gang's all here!

What we found so interesting was that many of the local businesses were run by high-level athletes—people who had come together to train, live, and work in this beautiful area of the country. For instance, knowing that our innkeeper was going to be running 25 kilometers through mud and snow, weighted for 5 of those kilometers with 50-pound buckets in each hand, after all the guests had left on Sunday, left us speechless and deeply impressed.

It’s no wonder that we were so well taken care of from beginning to end. The people in charge of the operation had already proven that they were willing to overcome hardship, both big and small, in order to complete their chosen task. As anyone who has ever worked a job knows, attention to detail and concern for the final result are what make the difference between a good outcome and great one.

And the outcome of our weekend was decidedly great. From the historic Amee Lodge farmhouse where we slept and ate, to the tour of Sweet Georgia P’s farm (how could you not love those goats!), to the multiple barns/event halls we toured, the main experience of the weekend was that of having our breath taken away.

We could envision the Perfect Vermont property as an equally ideal setting for a special event, a relaxing weekend, or an energizing full-power get-away. It’s a rare place where you can go either to relax and kick back, or be inspired and motivated by the elite athletes you find yourself surreptitiously surrounded by. At Perfect Vermont, you can have both.

Stay tuned: we’re definitely going to return to Perfect Vermont to spend more time in this remarkably rejuvenating place. Only this time, we want you there with us. :) More details to come, but for now, make sure you’re subscribed to this blog so that you receive the announcement about our fall retreat!

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