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As Relationship Coaches, we've seen it many times: when your relationship with yourself, your partner and the important people in your life isn't thriving, it is hard to feel joy and live with purpose.

As your coach, Erin or Steve will help you uncover and remove the obstacles holding you back so you can live the wildly beautiful life you dream of.


You've listened to the podcast. You've done the Bring Back the Love Challenge. Now you want to apply what you've learned and take your relationship—and your life—to the next level.

So what's the next step? Review the self-assessment below to find out.

Which sounds most like you?

1) My relationship is going pretty well, overall. I'm looking for help in a few specific areas, like better communication or arguing less frequently. I'm not ready for a long-term investment in 1:1 coaching.

If this sounds like a match, then you'd find the Revitalize Your Relationship online course most helpful. Find out more and join the wait list here.

2) I need help with my relationship. I want to work with a coach 1:1 to fix some important areas for me and my partner. I'm new to coaching but want personal guidance to make the most progress. I'd like to work with a male coach.

If this sounds like you, then you should book a consult call with Steve Haase. Click here to do so.

3) I know what's involved in coaching and I'm all in. I want my life and relationship to be in a totally different place 6 months from now and want guidance from a Master Coach. I'd like to work with a female.

If this fits your situation, apply for a consult call with Erin Aquin here.

What is a Consultation?

The consultation is simply a chance for us to meet and learn more about you, your situation and to give you the details of how to work together so you can make the perfect decision for you. These calls are powerful and can quickly clarify major issues even after years of feeling confused.

Booking is simple. 

1. Book your consultation by choosing your time zone, desired appointment and answering a few questions.

2. You will get an email immediately from Acuity confirming your appointment.

3. At the time of your session, join the call using the Zoom conference link you will receive on your computer or phone.

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