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Ways Work With Erin


One-On-One Coaching for Entrepreneurs

In this highly personalized six month coaching program you will work privately with Master Coach and Deep Dive Certified Coach and mentor Erin Aquin. During this program you will learn how to partner with your intuition and create a wild, beautiful life.

If you are ready to live the life the Universe is dreaming for you, book a free consultation with Erin to see if this program is the best next step for you.

Schedule a call with Erin here

The Vision + Process Mastermind

A magical small-group program that combines manifestation, mindset and startup principles with a billion dollar track record to help you build your dream business. If you want to:

  • Stick to your values AND make more money 
  • Stop second guessing your decisions
  • Be able to take vacations without worrying your business will fall apart
  • Build a dream team who can help you grow

The Vision + Process Mastermind is the program for you. The next session will be announced soon. Learn more and apply here.


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