Life After Getting Fired


Ep. 4 Male Ego vs. Authenticity

Male ego is when you act on society's demand to "Be strong." "Keep it together." "Succeed at all costs." "Don't get help."  What those instructions miss out on is the amount of energy it takes to follow them. In the metaphor of the rock and the water, the water always wins. And yet men are instructed to be the rock. This episode explores a more human—and helpful—approach to dealing with the mental and emotional challenges of losing your job.
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Ep. 3 Think Like an Entrepreneur

Whether you're applying for jobs at someone else's company or building your own, thinking like an entrepreneur will help you. An entrepreneur has to muster limited resources in a defined time period to create customers. If you're looking for a job the only difference there is that the customer will be your next employer. Entrepreneurs create value by improving their product. They tell stories to create customers. They develop thick skin in the face of rejection.  How are you doing all those things in your job search? This episode features a conversation between Life After Getting Fired host Steve Haase and his wife and business partner, Erin Aquin. 
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Ep. 2 Taking Massive Action

Most people avoid taking action because of the fear of failure. But if you realize that "failure" really means "learning" you can move forward more boldly. And that's the best way to figure out your next step in your career and build confidence. Do, learn, do, learn, repeat. If you've lost your job or want to quit your job but struggle with your confidence and direction, subscribe to this show. You'll gain inspiration and insights into how you can go from what feels like a low point in your life to authentic success.
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Ep. 1 Making sense of getting fired

I lost my job yesterday. So I decided to launch a podcast to document my journey of regaining my confidence and living a life of purpose. My goal: to build a better work situation in the next 18 weeks than the one I left behind, and to help others do the same. I'm joined by my wife and master life coach, Erin Aquin, for a frank and honest discussion about how we plan on moving forward. If you've lost your job and are struggling to rebuild, I want you to subscribe to this show. You'll gain inspiration and insights into how you can go from a low point in your life to whole-spirited, authentic success.
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