178. Gratitude and Abundance

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Erin recently hit a huge milestone in her business; she made in a quarter what she used to dream of making in a year while working less than 30 hours a week. Needless to say, she is feeling quite grateful for YOU and her incredible community of listeners, readers, and clients.

In this week’s episode, she reveals an exciting announcement that will help so many people get what they want.

This episode is here to help you:

  • Use gratitude to be a leader in your business
  • Manifest more abundance through real relationships
  • Get more of what you want

Don’t miss this special gift from Erin and after you enjoy it, tell Erin what you created in your relationship and life on Instagram.

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Episode Transcript

Erin Aquin:

Welcome to the love and success podcast. You're listening to Episode 178. Gratitude and Abundance. 

Hello there lovers. My name is Erin Aquin. We've talked about gratitude and abundance before. But, you know, I love to put my money where my mouth is. And earlier this week, I was sitting with my husband, Steve, my co-founder, and we had just launched our new master class, get what you want, for, I'd say a pretty ridiculous price. We were going to sell this for $47 for a couple days, and then it was going to go up to its regular price of $97. 

And  we were at our Monday meeting and we were talking about the masterclass, we were talking about what it is that we want to do. And I was saying to Steve, that kind of like this podcast, which I do for free, I would love to offer this particular skill of learning how to ask for what you want, make clean requests, to even more people. 

And he said, “What do you mean, do you want to make the class free?”

And I was like, “Yeah, maybe.” So a little bit of thinking on it, had us come to the conclusion, and we refunded everyone who bought the class. So if you bought the class, thank you so much, you have been refunded, and you still have access to the class. But we wanted to make this a gift. From the space of gratitude.

I am so grateful we have 178 episodes of this podcast and I have an amazing business. We are just at the end of the quarter in our business and looking at our finances, we have hit a huge milestone that I'm so proud of. We hit a revenue number that a couple years ago was what I had hoped to make in a year. And we were able to do it this quarter in just the last three months. 

So I am just kind of blown away, swimming in gratitude. And because that feeling is really abundant. And the reason I think this is so important for me to share with you is that as entrepreneurs, I think some of us really do get very lost in the bottom line. We equate working more hours to making more money. And that's one way to do it. 

But you know, I'm all about not overworking. You know, I don't really love to hustle. And my particular business is proof that you don't need to work more hours to make more money. In fact, I have developed incredible relationships with listeners like you, with people who send me messages on Instagram, with people who've attended things like our free love and success summit. 

The love within our community is so powerful, and I am getting a little teary talking about it. But these last couple of years, which I know have been very hard for many people, you guys have shown up week after week here for the podcast. I hear from so many of you, some of you have become my clients.

And Gosh, I just adore my clients like the most incredible people, rock star business owners who are committed to not having their business and their relationships compete anymore. And just being able to be on the inside and witness your beautiful growth is, you know, a huge honor to me. I know Steve feels the same way. 

And so we want to help you just get more of what you want. And it's free. Now, I will say this. I guess sometimes I know that free things we don't maybe take them as seriously. I want you to know that I created this masterclass as something I was going to sell for $100. It's worth way more than that. But I wanted to be able to stamp a $100 price tag on it and feel amazing. So this is not beginner information. This is really a step by step process to help you get what you want. 

You have to do the work and it's sequential. So you have to complete one module before the next one unlocks for you. We did this very deliberately, because we really want you to have that foundational work before we sort of implement the strategy. Because if you don't understand where those things are coming from, you're going to muck it up, and that's not going to feel good. And then I'm gonna get emails of you telling me it didn't work. So don't do that. Do it all in order.

This is my gift to you, and know that it's coming from a space of deep gratitude and feeling abundant. I know there's a lot of entrepreneurs, maybe some of you listening to this who think that's crazy, why would you give away something like that, you know, like, you could sell it, you could make money from it. Yeah, that's true. We were probably gonna make a lot of money from the class, but I felt intuitively called to offer this to you. 

So I hope you will treat it like it's very valuable. I hope you will do it sincerely. And most of all, I hope it helps you actually articulate what it is you want and meet your partner or maybe you're going to use this technique with people you work with. So I hope that you will use this and love this and here's the thing I'm going to ask you to do so it's totally free. There's no catch when you go and take the class. 

I want to hear about how it went for you. So you can find me on Instagram at Erin Aquin you can send me an email Hello@revitalizeyourrelationship.com and I would love to hear how you apply this.

I don't create these kinds of things nor would I ever give it away if I didn't think that you are going to use it. So that is all that I'm really asking of you is for you to tell me how it went for you. For you to tell me what has changed for you. For you to tell me what it is you decided you wanted and how you went out to get it whether or not the other people in your life supported you want to do that. Okay? Deal. 

Head over to courses.revitalizeyourrelationship.com/get-what-you-want-masterclass-lp and get my brand new “Get What You Want: Masterclass” completely free as my gift to you from the space of deep gratitude and abundance. And Bonus points if you turn around and pass that along in some way in your life. 

Is there something you can do in your own business showing gratitude to your team or your customers? Is there some decision that you can make or a gift you can give from the space of abundance? Maybe it's supporting a cause that you love? It's another thing I love to do. I love to at the end of the quarter, look at how much money we made and then donate a portion of that to causes that I really feel strongly and care about so I'd love to hear what you do there as well. 


Gratitude, abundance. Please enjoy that masterclass. I hope it helps you get what you want. And we're going to take a break from the podcast next week and to give you the week to go watch that class and do the work and the workbook. I will talk to you again soon. Take care