Revitalize Your Relationship Podcast


179. Decisions that Rock the Boat

178. Gratitude and Abundance

177. How to Get What You Want

176. Imposter Syndrome

175. Finding Purpose in Your Work

174. The Art of Over Communication

173. Becoming More Creative

172. Hard Days

171. Tools to Eliminate Overwhelm

170. Meditation for Entrepreneurs

169. Igniting Wonder

168. Permission to Be Human

167. Creating Your Spiritually Aligned Business

166. Morning Rituals and Routines

Ep 165: Flow Productivity

Ep 164: Money Manifestation

163. Your Business intuition

162. How to Make Business Decisions That Are Good For Your Life

Ep 161: The Love + Success Formula

Ep 160: Love + Success

Ep 159: No Drama Communication

Ep 158: Building Better Friendships

Ep 157: The Perfect Hobby for Entrepreneurs

Ep 156. Asking For and Receiving Help

Ep 155. Confidently Achieve Your Goals

Ep 154. Relationship Expectations for Entrepreneurs

Ep 153. Turning Off Your Business Brain

Ep 152. Good Partner Vs. Successful Entrepreneur?

Ep 151. Overcome Entrepreneur's guilt

EP 150: New Relationship + Business Rules

Ep 149. Relationship Alchemy for Entrepreneurs

148. The Validation You Seek

Ep 147. Stop Pushing Love Away

Ep 146: Believing in the Future

Ep 145: Trust + Boundaries

Ep 144: Allowing Love

Ep 143: How to Plan the New Year

Ep 142: Getting Unstuck In Your Career

EP 141: Wild, Beautiful Love

EP 140: Leading Through Tough Times

Ep 139: Spiritual Partnership

Ep 138: Creating a Self-Worth Habit

Ep 137: Taking Responsibility for Your Relationship

Ep 136: Celebrating Your Sexuality

EP 135: Gender, Sexuality and Rainbows

EP 134: Connection and Communication

Ep 133: Relationship CEO

EP 132: The Importance of Style

Ep 131: Listening to Your Heart

Ep 130: Have Your Own Back

Ep 129: Finding Your Voice (even in conflict)

Ep 128: Self-Confidence For Misfits

Ep 127: Support + Your Future Self

Ep: 126 The Power of Self-Coaching {Live}

Ep 125. Secrets to Success

Ep 124. Learning How to Communicate

Ep 123: 3D Relationships

Ep 122: Love and Money

BONUS: How to Revitalize YOUR Relationship

Ep 121: Spirituality and Love

Podcast Takeover with Steve Haase

Ep 120. Business + Relationships

Ep 119. How to Be Married

Ep 118: Men and Relationships

Ep 117: Vulnerability

EP 116: Shame

Ep 115: Teamwork

Ep 114: Love and Discomfort

EP 113: We Need To Talk

EP: 112 Rethink the Fairytale

Ep 111: Your Communication Style


EP 109: Own Your Priorities

Ep 108: Pandemic Parenting

EP 107: Toxic Relationships

Ep 106: Learning to Fail

EP 105: Conflicting goals

Ep 104: The Importance of Self-Investment in a Crisis

Ep 103: Handling Challenges as a Couple

Ep 102: How to Not Get Bored + More Love

Ep 101: Love in a Time of Fear {Free Class}

Ep 100: My Marriage Secrets

Ep 99: Resentment 2.0

Ep 98: Asking For What You Want

Ep 97: Self-Care for Relationships

Ep 96: Focus on the Future

EP 95: Suffering With Jealousy

Ep 94: Shared Values

EP 93: Empowered Breakup

Ep 92: How to Love Anyone

Ep 91: How to Plan 2020

90. How to Think About Your Partner

How to Have Difficult Conversations {Bonus Class}

89. Handling Holiday Expectations

EP 88: Money Drama

Ep 87: Revitalize Your Body

EP 86: Marriage Mindset Part 2

Ep 85: Marriage Mindset: Part 1

Ep 84: Emotional Control

Ep 83: Work Life Balance

EP 82: Challenging Conversations

EP 81: How to Want to Have Sex

Ep 80: BringIng First Date Energy Into Your Relationship

Ep 79: Lessons from 5 Years of Marriage

Finale: Changing the thesis of your relationship

77. The Secret to a Romantic Relationship

76. Rethink Your Relationship Assumptions

Ep 75: How Working Out Helped My Marriage

Ep 74: Power Struggles + An Unsupportive Partner

Smart Complaining

Ep 73: Mental Load

Emotional maturity and the Blame Alternative (FB Live)

Ep 72: Adult Tantrums & Overreacting

Ep 71: Insensitive

Ep 70: Healthy Relationship Hacks

Ep 69: Perfect Partner Syndrome

Ep 68: How to Talk About Relationship Problems

Ep 67: Jealousy

Ep 66: Stuck in Past Relationships

Ep 65: Good Communication

Ep 64: Supporting Your Partner

Ep 63: Rebuild Your Relationship

Ep 62: Ending a Relationship

Ep 61: Investing In Yourself

Ep 60: Chemistry and Dating with Molly Claire

Ep 59: How to Make Decisions

Ep 58: Relationship Decisions

Ep 57: Body Image with Lauren Ciesco

Ep 56: Failure

Ep 55: Needs vs. Desires

Ep 54: How to Stop an Argument Before It Starts

Ep 53: Getting More Attention

Ep 52: Resentment

Ep 51: Compassion

Ep 50: Betrayal

Ep 49: Creating Trust

Ep 48: Cockroach Thoughts + Emotions

Ep 47: Change IS Possible

Ep 46: Plan an "At-Home" Date Night

Ep 45: Stop Fighting About Money

Ep 44: Relationship Resolutions

Ep 43: A Day In The Life Of My Marriage

Ep 42: Intimacy

Ep 41: Thriving Through the Holidays

Ep 40: Revitalize Your Relationship

Ep 39: Emotional Empowerment

Ep 38: Instant Gratification

Ep 37: Self-Respect In Relationships

Ep 36: Baby Proofing Your Relationship

Ep 35: Sticking To Your Goals

Ep 34: Being Authentic

Ep 33: Sex, Money and Chores

Bonus: 6 Weeks to Save Your Relationship

Ep 32: Going Easy On Yourself

Ep 31: Finding Freedom in Your Relationship

Ep 30: The Relationship of Your Dreams

Ep 29: The Extra Hour You Always Wanted

Ep 28: Getting Things Done (No Matter What)

Ep 26 + 27 The Early Days of Parenthood

Ep 25: Facing Insecurity

Bonus Episode: Alive With Purpose (and babies)

Ep 24: Choosing Your Path

Ep 23: Your Coaching Questions Answered

Ep 22: Self-Care for Mama Bear

Ep 21: Great Relationships

Ep 20: Managing Drama

Ep 19: The Path to Success

Ep 18: Dealing With Mom Guilt

Ep 17: The Thought That Is Killing Your Dreams

Ep 16: Thought Work (and an embarrassing story)

Ep 15: Making Money

Ep 14: Smarter Self-Awareness

Ep 13: Dealing with Everyday Anxiety

Ep 12: Picking the Perfect Retreat

Ep 11: Overcoming Negative Opinions

Ep 10: Alive With Purpose and Finding Yours

Ep 9: Alive With Purpose and Getting Motivated

Ep 8: Getting Things Done (My Secrets to Productivity)

Ep 7: Alive With Purpose and Freedom from Fear and Anxiety

Ep 6: Alive With Purpose and The Practice of No Problem

AWP Ep 5: Self-Care

Ep 4: Alive With Purpose and Being a Parent

Ep 3: Stressful Days

Ep: 2 Extreme Self-Care

Ep: 1 Alive With Purpose

Episode 20: Surviving the Holidays

Episode 19: The Art of Letting Go - Lessons of Metal

Episode 18: Self-Care Strategies

Episode 17: Rekindle Inspiration When You Are In A Rut

Episode 16: A Bedtime Yoga Practice

Episode 15: Less Stressful Decision Making

Episode 14: Spring Cleaning for Your Life Pt 2. The Negativity Detox

Episode 13: Spring Cleaning for Your Life Pt 1

Episode 12: A New Perspective For Spring

Episode 11: Get Motivated

Episode 10: Happy Low-Drama Relationships

Episode 9: Stop Struggling for a Balanced Life

Episode 8: Dealing With Negative Opinions

Episode 7: Priorities

Episode 6: Resolutions That Actually Work