Revitalize Your Relationship Podcast


Ep 152. Good Partner Vs. Successful Entrepreneur?

Ep 151. Overcome Entrepreneur's guilt

EP 150: New Relationship + Business Rules

Ep 149. Relationship Alchemy for Entrepreneurs

148. The Validation You Seek

Ep 147. Stop Pushing Love Away

Ep 146: Believing in the Future

Ep 145: Trust + Boundaries

Ep 144: Allowing Love

Ep 143: How to Plan the New Year

Ep 142: Getting Unstuck In Your Career

EP 141: Wild, Beautiful Love

EP 140: Leading Through Tough Times

Ep 139: Spiritual Partnership

Ep 138: Creating a Self-Worth Habit

Ep 137: Taking Responsibility for Your Relationship

Ep 136: Celebrating Your Sexuality

EP 135: Gender, Sexuality and Rainbows

EP 134: Connection and Communication

Ep 133: Relationship CEO

EP 132: The Importance of Style

Ep 131: Listening to Your Heart

Ep 130: Have Your Own Back

Ep 129: Finding Your Voice (even in conflict)

Ep 128: Self-Confidence For Misfits

Ep 127: Support + Your Future Self

Ep: 126 The Power of Self-Coaching {Live}

Ep 125. Secrets to Success

Ep 124. Learning How to Communicate

Ep 123: 3D Relationships

Ep 122: Love and Money

BONUS: How to Revitalize YOUR Relationship

Ep 121: Spirituality and Love

Podcast Takeover with Steve Haase

Ep 120. Business + Relationships

Ep 119. How to Be Married

Ep 118: Men and Relationships

Ep 117: Vulnerability

EP 116: Shame

Ep 115: Teamwork

Ep 114: Love and Discomfort

EP 113: We Need To Talk

EP: 112 Rethink the Fairytale

Ep 111: Your Communication Style


EP 109: Own Your Priorities

Ep 108: Pandemic Parenting

EP 107: Toxic Relationships

Ep 106: Learning to Fail

EP 105: Conflicting goals

Ep 104: The Importance of Self-Investment in a Crisis

Ep 103: Handling Challenges as a Couple

Ep 102: How to Not Get Bored + More Love

Ep 101: Love in a Time of Fear {Free Class}

Ep 100: My Marriage Secrets

Ep 99: Resentment 2.0

Ep 98: Asking For What You Want

Ep 97: Self-Care for Relationships

Ep 96: Focus on the Future

EP 95: Suffering With Jealousy

Ep 94: Shared Values

EP 93: Empowered Breakup

Ep 92: How to Love Anyone

Ep 91: How to Plan 2020

90. How to Think About Your Partner

How to Have Difficult Conversations {Bonus Class}

89. Handling Holiday Expectations

EP 88: Money Drama

Ep 87: Revitalize Your Body

EP 86: Marriage Mindset Part 2

Ep 85: Marriage Mindset: Part 1

Ep 84: Emotional Control

Ep 83: Work Life Balance

EP 82: Challenging Conversations

EP 81: How to Want to Have Sex

Ep 80: BringIng First Date Energy Into Your Relationship

Ep 79: Lessons from 5 Years of Marriage

Finale: Changing the thesis of your relationship

77. The Secret to a Romantic Relationship

76. Rethink Your Relationship Assumptions

Ep 75: How Working Out Helped My Marriage

Ep 74: Power Struggles + An Unsupportive Partner

Smart Complaining

Ep 73: Mental Load

Emotional maturity and the Blame Alternative (FB Live)

Ep 72: Adult Tantrums & Overreacting

Ep 71: Insensitive

Ep 70: Healthy Relationship Hacks

Ep 69: Perfect Partner Syndrome

Ep 68: How to Talk About Relationship Problems

Ep 67: Jealousy

Ep 66: Stuck in Past Relationships

Ep 65: Good Communication

Ep 64: Supporting Your Partner

Ep 63: Rebuild Your Relationship

Ep 62: Ending a Relationship

Ep 61: Investing In Yourself

Ep 60: Chemistry and Dating with Molly Claire

Ep 59: How to Make Decisions

Ep 58: Relationship Decisions

Ep 57: Body Image with Lauren Ciesco

Ep 56: Failure

Ep 55: Needs vs. Desires

Ep 54: How to Stop an Argument Before It Starts

Ep 53: Getting More Attention

Ep 52: Resentment

Ep 51: Compassion

Ep 50: Betrayal

Ep 49: Creating Trust

Ep 48: Cockroach Thoughts + Emotions

Ep 47: Change IS Possible

Ep 46: Plan an "At-Home" Date Night

Ep 45: Stop Fighting About Money

Ep 44: Relationship Resolutions

Ep 43: A Day In The Life Of My Marriage

Ep 42: Intimacy

Ep 41: Thriving Through the Holidays

Ep 40: Revitalize Your Relationship

Ep 39: Emotional Empowerment

Ep 38: Instant Gratification

Ep 37: Self-Respect In Relationships

Ep 36: Baby Proofing Your Relationship

Ep 35: Sticking To Your Goals

Ep 34: Being Authentic

Ep 33: Sex, Money and Chores

Bonus: 6 Weeks to Save Your Relationship

Ep 32: Going Easy On Yourself

Ep 31: Finding Freedom in Your Relationship

Ep 30: The Relationship of Your Dreams

Ep 29: The Extra Hour You Always Wanted

Ep 28: Getting Things Done (No Matter What)

Ep 26 + 27 The Early Days of Parenthood

Ep 25: Facing Insecurity

Bonus Episode: Alive With Purpose (and babies)

Ep 24: Choosing Your Path

Ep 23: Your Coaching Questions Answered

Ep 22: Self-Care for Mama Bear

Ep 21: Great Relationships

Ep 20: Managing Drama

Ep 19: The Path to Success

Ep 18: Dealing With Mom Guilt

Ep 17: The Thought That Is Killing Your Dreams

Ep 16: Thought Work (and an embarrassing story)

Ep 15: Making Money

Ep 14: Smarter Self-Awareness

Ep 13: Dealing with Everyday Anxiety

Ep 12: Picking the Perfect Retreat

Ep 11: Overcoming Negative Opinions

Ep 10: Alive With Purpose and Finding Yours

Ep 9: Alive With Purpose and Getting Motivated

Ep 8: Getting Things Done (My Secrets to Productivity)

Ep 7: Alive With Purpose and Freedom from Fear and Anxiety

Ep 6: Alive With Purpose and The Practice of No Problem

AWP Ep 5: Self-Care

Ep 4: Alive With Purpose and Being a Parent

Ep 3: Stressful Days

Ep: 2 Extreme Self-Care

Ep: 1 Alive With Purpose

Episode 20: Surviving the Holidays

Episode 19: The Art of Letting Go - Lessons of Metal

Episode 18: Self-Care Strategies

Episode 17: Rekindle Inspiration When You Are In A Rut

Episode 16: A Bedtime Yoga Practice

Episode 15: Less Stressful Decision Making

Episode 14: Spring Cleaning for Your Life Pt 2. The Negativity Detox

Episode 13: Spring Cleaning for Your Life Pt 1

Episode 12: A New Perspective For Spring

Episode 11: Get Motivated

Episode 10: Happy Low-Drama Relationships

Episode 9: Stop Struggling for a Balanced Life

Episode 8: Dealing With Negative Opinions

Episode 7: Priorities

Episode 6: Resolutions That Actually Work

Episode 5: How to Realize Your Dreams No Matter How Busy You Are

Episode 4: Why We "Click" With Some People...and Not With Others

Episode 3: How to Cope When Someone Else Is Doing It "Wrong"

Episode 2: Welcoming Winter

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