Ep 202. Why Entrepreneurs Need Exercise

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Today we are talking yoga and exercise and why it is so important for entrepreneurs.

You might be thinking you already know why, but after this conversation with Jenn Chester and Morgan Renaldo you might have a whole new perspective on why it's not just good for your mind and your body, but why it' s good for your business too.

On this episode you will learn:

- why accountability is your best friend when it comes to starting a new exercise routine

- the spiritual benefits to movement

- how exercise can help you make better decisions and more money in your business

Connect with our guests:
Jenn Chester is a yoga and meditation instructor.  She is fascinated by the mind body connection and believes health, both mental and physical, is wealth. 

She offers online yoga classes for adults and children and leads a morning meditation every weekend day.  She is ready to teach you how to breathe and the importance of your breath and moving your body.

When she is away from her mat you can find her reading, gardening, hiking, cooking and connecting with family and friends. 

She is ready to help you find peace in the present moment.  Find her on Instagram @msjennchester and let her help you some your inner light brighter!

Morgan Renaldo is an online personal trainer who helps women to enjoy weightlifting. 

She teaches a body-led approach to exercise that builds badass strength without boredom, confusion, or forcing your body. You can find out more about her program here.  https://www.morganrenaldo.com/online-personal-training

For exercise tips, follow Morgan’s personal training page.  https://www.facebook.com/intuitivefitnesscoach

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