Episode 13: Spring Cleaning for Your Life Pt 1

Posted by Erin Aquin on Mar 28, 2017 12:43:35 PM

Happy Spring!IMG_3353-707178-edited.jpg

I thought it would be fun to take some of the ideas we have been discussing over the last few weeks and make room for those things to grow by doing an old fashioned Spring cleaning.

Now I will freely admit I am not a fancy Martha Stewart-type domestic engineer. Not by a long shot.

But I do feel compelled at this time of year to work on my big projects at a desk that isn't covered with paper. And I really like being able to find the book I am looking for without feeling like I am on an archeological dig (check out my newly organized library over there in the image for this episode).

Today we are focusing on Spring Cleaning for your physical space and when it comes to changing your nutritional habits (hint: WITHOUT a 5 day juice cleanse or "herbal detox")

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In this episode I mentioned a few books about organizing your space:

The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo 

Getting Things Done by David Allen


I also mentioned my simple routine for regularly decluttering which can be found here

And I shared some ideas for what you might want to do instead of a harsh cleanse or fast at this time of year. Read my personal steps for a nutritional recalibration here


Share your thoughts and tips for Spring cleaning your space and your diet in the comments below or ask any questions you have!

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