Revitalize Your Relationship Podcast


Episode 5: How to Realize Your Dreams No Matter How Busy You Are

Are you living the life of your dreams?  Do you dream of writing a book? starting a business? having more connected relationships? Whatever your dream may be, one of the biggest obstacles many people face is feeling like they are too busy to make it happen. In Elemental Yin Yang theory, all five elements have their part to play when it comes to living our ideal life, but they need Water energy to get started. In this episode we look at how to outsmart some of the things that might be holding you back and how to use even your limited resources to your advantage. Subscribe on iTunes here, get instant access I would be so grateful if while you are there you left a review so I can spread the word and share this podcast with more people.
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Episode 4: Why We "Click" With Some People...and Not With Others

The holidays are upon us and chances are you are going to be spending time at different events. You will no doubt meet people you love and likely a few you don't see eye to eye with. 
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Episode 3: How to Cope When Someone Else Is Doing It "Wrong"

People ask me about this a lot and I bet you can relate. Yoga teachers want to know how to deal if they find themselves in an awful yoga class led by a peer.  Professionals want to know why their co-worker can't just do the work "the right way." At home, couples want to know how they can get their partner to finally get housework done the way it should be. So much interpersonal strife comes down to disagreements and dissatisfaction about how things should and should not be done.  In this episode I give my thoughts on how to cope when someone else is doing things "wrong". I share ways you can handle this predicament and reign in your inner critic (if you need to) when you feel like you could handle a situation or task better. And, just in time for the holidays we will be talking about how to deal with all the personalities you will meet next week. So stay tuned. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here and you will automatically get access to this episode before it appears to the public (and please leave me a review to help me share this free tool)
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Episode 2: Welcoming Winter

In today's episode I introduce the season ruled by the Water Element: winter. If you are like me this can be a rough season to deal with. As much as I love holiday events, a big part of me just wants to curl up and hibernate all winter. 
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Elemental Yin Yang Podcast: Episode 1

Welcome to our brand new podcast. I am thrilled you are here to join me. In this episode I answer my most frequently asked question: What the heck is Elemental Yin Yang Yoga?  If you have never met me and have never heard of this style of yoga, this episode is for you. Actually even if you do know me and have practiced with me before you should still have a listen :) Today I am sharing my history with this method, all the way back to when I was new to yoga and working in the music industry. Then we get into some of the basics that every Yin Yang yogi and teacher should know, but probably doesn't. Learn where the yin and yang energy comes from and how they work dynamically together in several different relationships.
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