Episode 7: Priorities

Posted by Erin Aquin on Jan 5, 2017 9:34:50 PM

6812481635_ed463ae1fa_m.jpgFollowing the theme of the past few weeks, today we look at a few more aspects of the Water element namely how once you are aware of your purpose or your goals how you need to examine how you spend the two most precious resources you have; time and energy.

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Show Notes

A quick re-cap of the exercise I share in this show:

1. Catagorize your priorities into: Personal, Family, Carreer, Community/ Global

2. Drop in everything you feel is important into one of those streams

3. Rate your priorites within each group from most important to least

4. Inquire. Does the way you use your energy and time align with your highest priorites?

5. Create opportunites to support your high priorities and delegate or get rid of the lower priorites.

In this episode I also share a link to my yoga audio library. If you are ready to experience the yoga that inspires my work check it out my latest release, Elemental Yin Yang Yoga: A Winter Practice

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