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Ep 153. Turning Off Your Business Brain

As an entrepreneur, do you find it hard to "turn off" at the end of your business day? Today Steve and Erin are going to share how to make the transition between work time and being with your partner and yourself. In this episode you will learn:
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Ep 152. Good Partner Vs. Successful Entrepreneur?

Welcome back to the Relationship Alchemy for Entrepreneurs series. Today I am speaking with my husband Steve Haase about the conflict many entrepreneurs feel between their business and their ability to be a "good" partner. On this episode you will learn:
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EP 140: Leading Through Tough Times

Last week my husband got fired from his job (you can hear about that on his new podcast) and almost instantly I stepped into a leadership role because I have a mental toolkit at the ready. Today I want to introduce you to it.
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