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Ep 165: Flow Productivity

If you have ever experienced a "flow state" in your work then you probably know why so many people think of this as rare and magical. But what if you could drop into flow state at will simply by creating a more aligned schedule? This is what Flow Productivity is all about. And when it comes to creating more Love + Success, learning how to work with your natural strengths and energetic fluctuations will not only allow you to have a more impact in your business, BUT you will find yourself with more energy at the end of the day to enjoy the life and relationships you have built. If this sounds like a skill you need to learn, join the waitlist for the Love + Success Formula program here I can't wait to help you use your precious time and energy well. Listen to Ep 165 on Apple podcasts here or below:
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Ep 164: Money Manifestation

Money is a loaded subject for many of us and the Default Beliefs we have about it are directly related to how we deal with money as entrepreneurs. Today in my conversation with Master Coach Jamie Berman we are talking about a tool you can use to not only make money but to change the unhelpful beliefs you may have about it. In this episode you will learn:
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Ep 153. Turning Off Your Business Brain

As an entrepreneur, do you find it hard to "turn off" at the end of your business day? Today Steve and Erin are going to share how to make the transition between work time and being with your partner and yourself. In this episode you will learn:
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Ep 152. Good Partner Vs. Successful Entrepreneur?

Welcome back to the Relationship Alchemy for Entrepreneurs series. Today I am speaking with my husband Steve Haase about the conflict many entrepreneurs feel between their business and their ability to be a "good" partner. On this episode you will learn:
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EP 140: Leading Through Tough Times

Last week my husband got fired from his job (you can hear about that on his new podcast) and almost instantly I stepped into a leadership role because I have a mental toolkit at the ready. Today I want to introduce you to it.
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