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Ep 21: Great Relationships

When it comes to romance you probably have all kinds of ideas about what makes a relationship amazing. Maybe you believe there is a soul mate out there for you that you need to find in order to have a great relationship. Maybe you think a successful relationship depends on two people agreeing on the same values and lifestyle or that you need red hot chemistry to make love last. But there are a few key ingredients that can take a relationship from lukewarm to incredible...and they probably aren't what you think. If you are ready create a great relationship, I have a few spots left for one on one coaching until I am fully booked up for the next few months. Learn more about working with me here.
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Ep 20: Managing Drama

Today it's all about how to recalibrate after you lose it. I created a whole lot of drama after a road incident. Luckily, I was able to coach myself out of near mania and into a space where now I not only have compassion for the other person in the situation but I also have compassion for myself (despite how I felt about my reaction). If you ever feel out of control or like drama just "finds you" do not miss this episode. PLUS, I am now taking a handful of 1:1 clients. If you want to test these tools for yourself click here to find out how to work with me.
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Ep 19: The Path to Success

Today's episode is a little different. It is for Wellness-preneurs. If you are a yoga teacher, life coach, massage therapist or work as a wellness practitioner there are six main steps you need to take to be successful and fulfilled both in your business and your personal life. Listen in and tell me what steps you are doing well and where you might need some work in the comments below. AND and if you are ready to take your business and life to the next level there is still time to sign up for my new course The Holistic Path to Success
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