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Ep 161: The Love + Success Formula

Don't miss the live Love + Success Summit, bringing together best-selling authors and world-renowned coaches to help you create more love in your relationships and success in your business. Register here now. Erin is cutting back her working hours without slowing down in her business. If that sounds interesting to you, this episode is a must-listen.  She and her husband Steve walk through the exact process she's using to spend more time with her family and less time working, while still growing her business. In this episode you will discover: How to decide which things to cut out of your work day and how to manage your mind around them. The exact role of working with a coach to make sure this process is successful in your life. How to apply the Love + Success Formula in your life so you never think of your setbacks as failures again We speak about the upcoming group program, the Love + Success Formula. Learn more about it and get early access here.
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Ep 160: Love + Success

Don't miss the live Love + Success Summit, bringing together best-selling authors and world-renowned coaches to help you create more love in your relationships and success in your business. Register here now. On this episode, we give you a sneak peak into the upcoming summit and why it's not to be missed.  You will learn: Why love is the best foundation for a successful business and how to keep it front and center. Why creating more success (i.e. money) is not a cold and sterile thing but can actually be a spiritual good. How to practice self-love in a way that supercharges your productivity.
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Ep 159: No Drama Communication

I'm joined by my partner, Steve Haase, for this episode as we share what we've learned about communicating well. If you find that conversations with your partner escalate, sometimes for no apparent reason, this episode will help you understand what's going on and change that dynamic.  You will learn: How to listen without "fixing" your partner or making their words mean something negative about you How to speak about your experience without it being a low-key blaming session towards your partner How to connect with your purpose as a couple to elevate the conversation and prevent it from spinning out
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Ep 158: Building Better Friendships

This week's special guest is another wonderful client of mine, Jewel Hohman, the BrainBasedCoach.  We dive deep into common misconceptions people have about creating more love in their relationships. If you think that being hard on yourself is the only way to keep from getting complacent, or that withholding love from people is the best way to keep from getting hurt, you must listen to this episode. From our conversation, you will learn: Why accepting yourself as you are is the first step to getting amazing things done. Why some goals drain you while others give you energy and fun. The most painful thought you're probably thinking about your partner and options that feel better and are likely more true.
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Ep 157: The Perfect Hobby for Entrepreneurs

This past year I realized that every time I get a new "hobby" it becomes something I end up turning into some big think or making it part of my business. That is until I met today's guest, Valerie, the Knitting Fairy Godmother.  In this episode you will learn why:
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Ep 153. Turning Off Your Business Brain

As an entrepreneur, do you find it hard to "turn off" at the end of your business day? Today Steve and Erin are going to share how to make the transition between work time and being with your partner and yourself. In this episode you will learn:
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148. The Validation You Seek

As humans it is very normal for us to look to the world around us for validation. We want our partner to shower us with adoration. We want our boss to tell us we are doing a great job. We want our friends and family to love our new business idea. But what happens when you don't get the validation you seek? In this episode I will teach you how to find validation from within and one of the tools I teach my clients to make it an ongoing practice This is something we are working inside the Wild Beautiful Love membership program Join us here Listen on Apple Podcasts here or below:
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Ep 144: Allowing Love

It may seem odd (because I am a Master Coach who has devoted year helping people create more love), but the feeling of falling in love is one I never really liked. As a recovering "Emotional Stuffer" I spent many years trying to hold back my emotions and downplaying my strong feelings...especially the good ones. In this episode, I will teach you a simple practice to allow your emotions starting with the one we all want more of-love. And instead of trying to figure this all out on your own going forward, Steve and I have created a way for you to get everything you need to create Wild, Beautiful Love inside our new program. You can join here for only $47/month
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