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Ep 35: Sticking To Your Goals

Welcome to this episode! Before you forget, head over to Facebook, "Like" and Follow me here @RYRcoach I have been doing some Facebook Live's and sharing behind the scene's content that you can only get if you are a fan of that page. Its been a big few weeks around here and as I start to focus my work more on coaching I have had a LOT of mixed reviews. So first, a big thank you to those of you who have reached out and left me a positive review on iTunes because each time you do it makes my day! This episode is all about how to find something purposeful in your life and sticking to it even if you don't have a big cheering section or any support at all. I share my personal insights and some practical things you can do to stick to your goals. You will learn: - why the thought "It wasn't meant to be" is poison when it comes to achieving your goals - why trying to work on ten different goals almost never works - how to get clear on your purpose and start to work on your goals - why "acting differently" without thinking differently almost never helps you achieve a goal - how to outsmart your doubts and create a playbook you can use when you want to bail on your commitment So pick a goal, and go through the exercise I offer you in this episode. And if you are ready to create a plan to make it happen, book a free 20 minute strategy session with me using the link below:
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Ep 30: The Relationship of Your Dreams

What does the relationship of your dreams look like? Does it look like the one you are in? If you feel like your relationship is strained or you wonder why you keep running the same pattern over and over again you NEED to hear this episode. In it you will learn: the cultural problem most of us take with us in every single relationship why telling your partner all your "needs" doesn't lead to happiness a new possibility for how to feel happy and fulfilled in your relationship PLUS I have a special gift for you to celebrate 30 episodes. Listen to Episode 30 on iTunes
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Ep 28: Getting Things Done (No Matter What)

When you set a goal for yourself, how sure are you that you will get it done? Do you trust yourself to stick to your appointments with yourself? or are you like most people who say "I will just see what I feel like doing in the moment". I get it, its easy to skip out on your internal meetings because you think it isn't hurting anyone or letting anyone down ....except for the most important person in your life; YOU Tune in and learn how to get things done no matter what.
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Ep 21: Great Relationships

When it comes to romance you probably have all kinds of ideas about what makes a relationship amazing. Maybe you believe there is a soul mate out there for you that you need to find in order to have a great relationship. Maybe you think a successful relationship depends on two people agreeing on the same values and lifestyle or that you need red hot chemistry to make love last. But there are a few key ingredients that can take a relationship from lukewarm to incredible...and they probably aren't what you think. If you are ready create a great relationship, I have a few spots left for one on one coaching until I am fully booked up for the next few months. Learn more about working with me here.
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Episode 17: Rekindle Inspiration When You Are In A Rut

I love my life. I feel truly grateful for the abundance I am swimming in and the work I get to do from being a mother to working with incredible yogis and teachers.  However, I am not immune from having days when I feel down, burned out or just stuck in a rut. Recently, I found myself in one of those phases. Several mornings in a row, I woke up exhausted and wondered if I would get anything substantial accomplished. It didn't feel good. But after waiting for my mood to shift on its own for a few days, I remembered, "Hey, I have all these incredible tools I share with other people, why not use a few of those bad boys on my own life?" What a concept, right?
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Episode 13: Spring Cleaning for Your Life Pt 1

Happy Spring! I thought it would be fun to take some of the ideas we have been discussing over the last few weeks and make room for those things to grow by doing an old fashioned Spring cleaning. Now I will freely admit I am not a fancy Martha Stewart-type domestic engineer. Not by a long shot. But I do feel compelled at this time of year to work on my big projects at a desk that isn't covered with paper. And I really like being able to find the book I am looking for without feeling like I am on an archeological dig (check out my newly organized library over there in the image for this episode). Today we are focusing on Spring Cleaning for your physical space and when it comes to changing your nutritional habits (hint: WITHOUT a 5 day juice cleanse or "herbal detox")
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Episode 6: Resolutions That Actually Work

I won't lie, making a big New Year's resolution has never been my thing. BUT over the years I have figured out the ingredients that are key to achieving goals and making changes. If the prospect of letting another year go by without realizing a big dream or goal leaves you feeling uneasy, this episode is for you. After listening, share your goals for the year ahead in the comments below.   Subscribe, Listen and Review the podcast here on iTunes   Show Notes In this episode I mention a few things to help your journey. Check out Start With Why by Simon Sinek (this is an affiliate link and all proceeds go back into making this podcast) My new favourite way of planning and being productive - The Bullet Journal Elemental Yin Yang Yoga - my new book that will give you a more in-depth look at some of the principles I share in this podcast
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