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Ep 164: Money Manifestation

Money is a loaded subject for many of us and the Default Beliefs we have about it are directly related to how we deal with money as entrepreneurs. Today in my conversation with Master Coach Jamie Berman we are talking about a tool you can use to not only make money but to change the unhelpful beliefs you may have about it. In this episode you will learn:
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Ep 144: Allowing Love

It may seem odd (because I am a Master Coach who has devoted year helping people create more love), but the feeling of falling in love is one I never really liked. As a recovering "Emotional Stuffer" I spent many years trying to hold back my emotions and downplaying my strong feelings...especially the good ones. In this episode, I will teach you a simple practice to allow your emotions starting with the one we all want more of-love. And instead of trying to figure this all out on your own going forward, Steve and I have created a way for you to get everything you need to create Wild, Beautiful Love inside our new program. You can join here for only $47/month
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EP 141: Wild, Beautiful Love

Is this you? You listen to this podcast, feel inspired, think about the ideas for a day and then return to auto-pilot in your relationship by the next week?
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Ep 121: Spirituality and Love

My conversation today is with the one and only Alea Lovely. She is the host of the Spiritual Shit podcast. We talk love and relationships especially in the context of following your own spiritual path and living a holistic life. Alea has a refreshing perspective and together we enjoy a candid conversation about all things love, spirituality and how having a romantic partner can actually be a catalyst for personal growth. I will also share a bit about the reading she did for me and what it helped me do. And if after the show you want to learn more from Alea you can: Subscribe to her podcast here Book a reading with her here (I LOVED MINE)  Check out her book and upcoming course on her website here
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