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Ep 156. Asking For and Receiving Help

I'm joined by my husband and fellow relationship coach, Steve Haase, for this week's episode about asking for help. If you usually wait until the world is falling apart before reaching out for help, this episode is for you. Whether it's in your business or your relationship, asking for help before things get out of control is a practice that will propel you faster to your dreams and save you needless suffering. In this episode you will learn: Why people often wait until they're in pain to reach out, despite the huge cost of waiting. How to ask for help in a way that creates less drama and more intimacy. How to drop the mask of "being fine" and live a richer life. Listen on Apple Podcasts here And if you are an Entrepreneur who wants to scale your business but doesn't want to sacrifice your relationship in the meantime, join us in Relationship Alchemy for Entrepreneurs here.
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Ep 152. Good Partner Vs. Successful Entrepreneur?

Welcome back to the Relationship Alchemy for Entrepreneurs series. Today I am speaking with my husband Steve Haase about the conflict many entrepreneurs feel between their business and their ability to be a "good" partner. On this episode you will learn:
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Ep 145: Trust + Boundaries

Today I want to teach you about two important pillars needed for  great relationships, trust and boundaries.
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