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Episode 19: The Art of Letting Go - Lessons of Metal

If you have things in your life that have run their course you don't want to miss this episode. Since we are on the cusp of Autumn, it is the perfect time of year to connect to the themes of the Metal Element from Chinese Medicine. In this episode I take you on an indepth exploration of how to let go gracefully as we discuss the philosophy of the Metal element. Hint: if you are a yogi you are probably already practicing this art to some degree but this show will help you go further. Listen on iTunes Listen on Soundcloud Like this episode? Please do me a favour and review it on iTunes and share share share with your friends! It means the world to me to have you listen and comment :)
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Episode 12: A New Perspective For Spring

Spring is finally here..well just about. If you missed last week's episode we started to talk about how to use this time of year to get motivated and recommit to your big dreams and goals. Using the wisdom of Elemental Yin Yang thinking, specifically the Wood Element, this is the perfect time to get to work and utitlize the inspiration and possibility that Springtime promises. And after you lay the foundation and focus on your work, you will eventually reach a place where you have more perspecitive and freedom than ever before. Just like an artist who puts in years mastering their craft, when they reach a certain level they have earned wisdom and the respect of their community which makes it possible to start picking and choosing where to show their work rather than having to knock down doors. The final part of our tree metaphor details the reaching point where you are free to enjoy the fruits of your labour (AKA. THE BEST PART).
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Episode 3: How to Cope When Someone Else Is Doing It "Wrong"

People ask me about this a lot and I bet you can relate. Yoga teachers want to know how to deal if they find themselves in an awful yoga class led by a peer.  Professionals want to know why their co-worker can't just do the work "the right way." At home, couples want to know how they can get their partner to finally get housework done the way it should be. So much interpersonal strife comes down to disagreements and dissatisfaction about how things should and should not be done.  In this episode I give my thoughts on how to cope when someone else is doing things "wrong". I share ways you can handle this predicament and reign in your inner critic (if you need to) when you feel like you could handle a situation or task better. And, just in time for the holidays we will be talking about how to deal with all the personalities you will meet next week. So stay tuned. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here and you will automatically get access to this episode before it appears to the public (and please leave me a review to help me share this free tool)
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