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Ep 29: The Extra Hour You Always Wanted

Imagine if I could give you an extra every day to do something important for yourself. Maybe you would use that hour to practice yoga or meditate. Maybe you would take the art class, the writing workshop or the online program you have been thinking about but can't seem to squeeze in. Maybe you would use that time to take a bath, read a book or just get a little more sleep. You don't need a fancy planner or a magic wand. What you need is this workbook + the concepts I talk about in this episode to help you change the way you think about time. Listen to Episode 29 on iTunes here
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Ep 9: Alive With Purpose and Getting Motivated

In the last show I shared with you some of my productivity secrets, but would it surprise you to hear that I often don't feel like getting things done? My goals and my purpose are important to me, but I don't always love all the little steps it takes to get there.  And if you have big dreams I am sure that sometimes you too feel unmotivated to do the work it takes to realize your purpose. However, over the years, I have learned to just expect that when my calendar notification goes off to tell me its time to get down to business, I probably won't feel like it. So when I wake up feeling unmotivated, here is my personal routine to hit the reset button and get things done! Listen to Episode 9 on iTunes here (and while you are there please leave us a rating and review if you would be so kind)
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