Are You Loveable?

2 Minutes Read
Do you feel acceptable and loveable simply because you are alive?
I work with a lot of intelligent, inspiring people and I always ask them this question.
Some are high level professionals doing work that will impact the millions of people in the future.
Some are savvy entrepreneurs who have built a business from nothing. 
Some of my clients have gone through life events that were unimaginably hard and yet, they managed to do it with grace and strength. 
And despite the amazing achievements and personal growth in each one of these rockstars, there is often a deep unrest and concern that they are not loveable, worthy and acceptable just as they are.
And I imagine that maybe you feel this way too.
Let me start by saying this is much bigger than just a personal insecurity. You are a  human and being accepted is a primal desire that has been passed down from our ancestors. 
Being accepted in the tribe or community meant, protection, food, warmth and connection.
Even now, most of us are taught from an early age that our happiness and self-worth depend solely on being part of the right social circle, the right relationship, the right family and the right professional group. 
To be un-included or rejected feels terrifying because at a certain time in history it drastically reduced your odds of survival and procreation.
So even though your survival may no longer hinge on being part of the group the way it did for the early humans, if you don't feel worthy, loveable and acceptable right now it may be showing up in some weird ways:
You might get clingy or jealous with your partner.
You might be paranoid at work and worry that people are saying negative things about you.
You might create "highschool level" drama within your adult circle of friends.
You might fixate on the one person in your family who doesn't support you and your life.
This stuff is deep and creates stress.
So today, I just want to tell you this:
You are acceptable.
Of course you can improve and go after your big dreams.
But doing that with a baseline of inherent self-love and self-worth makes the process a lot more meaningful and a lot more fun than doing it from the place within you that is grasping for external approval. 
You are worthy and loveable because you are alive.
That potential alone is a true gift. I hope you use.
Is it time to start feeling worthy and loveable? Learn how I teach and coach my clients to show up with confidence in their lives by requesting a 45 minute consultation with me here. You will leave with more clarity about your best next step.