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Ep 33: Sex, Money and Chores

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 16, 2018 5:58:00 AM / by Erin Aquin

Today is a GOOD one.

If you are in a relationship chances are and your partner do not see eye to eye on at least a few things.

For my community, the top three things they argue about are: sex, money and Household chores.

In this episode I want to give you some concepts to help you:

  •  ease the tension in your relationship
  • what you need to do BEFORE you talk with your partner so it doesn't cause a fight

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Resources from this Episode:

1. Stop the Argument Workbook

2. A great podcast on friendship (the other important relationships in your life) by Kara of Unf*ck Your Brain

3. How to do Thought Work (Episode 16) 

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