Yoga and Lack of Motivation (20 Day Challenge)

Posted by Erin Aquin on Jun 6, 2017 1:23:22 PM

Erin_Bind_Waterfall.jpgYoga is a lodestone practice for many people. We turn to our mats to keep the body and mind happy and healthy. We get on the mat to work out the stagnation of careers that keep us sitting all day or working our minds to the brink of exhaustion.

For you, yoga might be the constant in a life filled with ups and downs and growing uncertainty.

But what happens when you suddenly don't feel motivated to get up and on to your mat or to your favourite class?

I have written about this before, but as we enter the summer months this topic may require another look.

The fact is some of my regular students take the summer off and then come back to their mats in September with pangs of regret that they didn't make room for yoga during those balmy months.

After that brief hiatus, the body starts to crave the rhythm and fluidity of the postures while the mind reaches to find space and clarity that a good yoga practice can provide.

And I understand completely.

While the weather is beautiful I like to spend more time outside enjoying the warmth, hiking trails, and any combination of pools or lakes I can jump into. But on those longer breaks from my yoga practice, it feels like something is missing.

Yoga is not just a physical practice afterall. It is a ritual of movement that can awaken and connect with the subconscious levels below our daily operating system. 

More and more I see how many of us need that time on the mat in order to be more aware and deliberate in the world.

That is why this summer I am determined not to let my practice wane.

But like I have mentioned so many times before on my podcast, for most of us having an accountability partner is key to helping us stay on track and stick with our commitments.

So, I want to be your accountability buddy on the mat.

Today I am opening the doors to a 20 Day Elemental Yoga Challenge. From July 1-20 I am going to create a series of videos (and a few audios) that you can follow for your daily practice. The challenge is to do at least 20 minutes of practice per day. If you have the time and energy for more you can simply pile up a few of the sessions together to great the length of your desire.

All the information can be found here, but in addition to this online library of classes I will host a live yoga session once a week for anyone who would like to jump on their computer and be instructed in real time.

There will also be a few awesome goodies including guest classes from some of my favourite teachers.

If you need a little extra inspirationto get on your mat this summer all you need is internet access and a computer or smart phone. 

Take the Challenge by Registering Here

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